4 Summer Crafting Essentials

by Mother Huddle Staff

It’s the first day of summer! Now that school’s out (or long-anticipated vacations are imminent), it’s time to break out the art supplies and pick up some fun new tools to get the first crafts of the summer rolling. As you begin planning your projects for that fresh art rush, consider picking up these awesome summer crafting essentials.

Neon Markers

The first day of summer is the best time to break out the bright colors. Neon markers are a natural place to start, adding a pop of bold, lively color to almost anything you can imagine. Try vivid fabric markers for jazzing up your summer styles, scented highlighters for adding pizzazz to your notes and journals, or neon poster pens for designing new decor. Almost anything will look instantly more summery with a burst of luminous color.

Glitter Glue

Nothing says summer like a burst of glitter. Glitter shakers are one way to go, but they can get everywhere and make precise work challenging. Cut down on the mess by picking up an assortment of glitter glue. You can add some glam wherever it’s needed, without the telltale lingering sparkle all over your crafting table. Glitter glue also helps eliminate waste, since you can use it right where just use it wherever it’s needed, instead of having to cover a sticky surface and then precariously pour back the excess into the canister.

Washi Tape

Washi tape lets you experiment with color in a unique way. The best part is since it’s a lot like masking tape, you can use it practically anywhere, without fear of damaging a surface (so feel free to glam up your walls, floors, windows, and more). Think of it a little like cut-to-size stickers — you can use it in long strips, cut out geometric shapes, or turn it into decals. It comes in a practically limitless range of shades and prints, so you’re bound to find something to fit your vision. Since the adhesive is fairly light, consider sealing or laminating any designs that might get a little more wear and tear (such as washi taped notebook covers) to ensure that your creations stand the test of time.

Embroidery Floss

Long summer days are the perfect time to try DIY-ing friendship bracelets, tassel jewelry, or a hair wrap. These classic old-school crafts can be done on the cheap with long strands of embroidery floss or yarn. A little patience will be rewarded with a colorful, quirky handmade creation. Jazz them up with beads, buttons, shells, sequins, or just about anything else you can thread the strands through. If you’re not one for weaving and knotting, you can doll up unexpected items with a simple thread wrap (think bangles, sunglasses, or gadget cords). The best part about embroidery floss crafts is that they’re super portable and can go just about anywhere your summer adventures will take you.

The freedom of the first day of summer is the perfect environment to start some brand new crafts. Picking up some fresh, fun art supplies will help inspire you, give you fuel and inspiration for your creations, and add some seasonal color to your world.

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