Best Ways to Display Your Photos

by Mother Huddle Staff
Ways to display your photos

Over our lifetimes, we all accumulate a large number of treasured photos of friends, family and special places we have visited. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of photos we have and not know how to display them all in the best way possible. Don’t let your treasured photos gather dust in a drawer somewhere or stay on your camera roll forever. Here are some of the best ways you can display your photos so you can always be reminded of happy memories.

Hang a large frame or canvas over the mantlepiece:

If there’s a particular photo that’s extremely special to you, then give it pride of place in your home by placing it above the mantlepiece or on the main wall in your living room. To make this photo look the absolute best as the main statement piece in your living room, you can use sites such as HelloCanvas to print your photo or photos on a wide variety of materials, including canvas and HD metal. If you choose to print photos on metal, this will provide the perfect image quality with a beautiful glossy or matte finish.

Place small photo frames on tables and shelves:

To display your photos around the house, you can place photo frames on side tables and shelves in as many rooms as you’d like. As well as displaying your happiest memories and favorite people, this will be a great way to decorate your home.

Put together a photo album:

A classic way to display your photos is to put together a photo album that you can look through whenever you’d like and show to friends and family. Having photo albums is also perfect for organizing your photos so that you have separate albums for each big event or stage in your life. Looking through these albums with others can spark many conversations and happy recollections.

Display a digital photo frame:

If you have a large number of photos and not enough space to display them around your home or in photo albums, a digital photo frame may be the best choice for you. To use a digital photo frame, you just need to save your chosen photos on a USB flash drive and then insert this into the frame to save the photos onto the device. Then, your digital photo frame will cycle through the photos so that they can all be displayed.

Share your photos online:

One of the easiest ways to display photos these days is to post them on social media. By uploading your photos on these sites, all your family and friends will be able to see them and share your happy memories. However, it’s important to remember that it’s difficult to completely remove images from the internet once they’ve been uploaded, so make sure that you definitely want an image to be seen before you post it.

Nowadays, due to our use of smartphones, we take many more photos than ever before. With these methods of displaying your photos, you can finally figure out how to best arrange your photo collection and use your photos to decorate your home.


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