Children’s Winter Essentials For This Year

by Mother Huddle Staff
Children’s Winter Essentials For This Year

The nights are getting longer, and the temperature is dropping, as a parent you need to make sure you are well prepared for the cold winter months. This includes keeping an eye on the weather, accommodating the earlier sunset when making your plans, and making sure your kids have all the right clothing to keep them warm and prevent them from getting sick. Parents have enough to deal with so we have comprised a list of all your children’s winter essentials to help you prepare for lower temperatures.

Hat and gloves

Winter gloves are essential for protecting fingers when building snowmen or rolling snowballs. Even if you are not getting your hands into the snow you know how cold your fingers can get when spending any amount of time outside in winter so invest in some thermal, waterproof gloves for you and your little ones. A thick beanie or bobble hat will also help protect your and your children’s ears from the biting winds.

Winter boots

It can be tempting to layer up on socks rather than purchase a pair of expensive winter boots for your kids, especially if they are just going to grow out of them by next year! But the truth is, they are essential. Not only will winter boots keep their toes warm but they will also keep them dry and provide good traction on the soles. No soaking wet socks leading to bad sickness or injuries from falling in the snow! Find some proper waterproof boots, preferably fleece lined and if you are worried about them growing out of them you can always size up and add an extra pair of thick socks.


If you do live in a snowy area or a state that gets a lot of rain, then you should also invest in some waterproofs. As much as you may keep their feet and their heads dry, you should also get them a pair of waterproof trousers particularly if you have a child that loves the outdoors and likes to really roll around in all that snow or splash in puddles.

Winter coat

You want your child to be as warm as possible whilst out and about in the winter so investing in a good quality winter coat that fits them well is a must. Make sure the coat you choose has a hood for extra protection – a detachable hood may be preferable, so you pick and choose when to wear it or maybe keep the detached hood in your bag ready for any sudden downpour.


Preparing for winter does not just mean getting your children ready for the outdoors, you should also make sure you are prepared for when they get home. After a long day of splashing in puddles or playing in the snow, it is time to get your children all warmed up and snug indoors. Slippers are a great way to warm up those frozen toes and raise their overall body temperature. These are especially recommended if you have any hardwood floors in your house.

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