Choosing The Perfect Summer Sandal

by Mother Huddle Staff
Perfect Summer Sandal

In the summer heat, everyone wants simple and light outfits. There is no desire to wear multi-layered sets, warm shoes. Sandals will be perfectly combined with a relaxed summer style and clothes. They remain one of the favorite female models of shoes in this season. Fashion stores every year fill the windows with a variety of models on a strap and thin soles. Women fell in love with such shoes in Ancient Rome and still have not changed their preferences.

It’s time to find out why they are so valued:

  • Light, open, almost weightless – an ideal summer choice, proven for centuries;
  • The straps that make up the mainframe of the shoe are more often adjustable in length and width, which allows you to fit a pair to any width of the foot;
  • A wide selection of styles and styles. As mentioned earlier, now you can find a couple for every taste. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a date in an evening dress, or planning a camping trip, you will definitely find your perfect one.

So, women’s sandals are one of the most popular models of shoes for summer. They are very comfortable, versatile, and have a large selection of shapes and colors. All of this makes summer women’s sandals an absolute must-have. We are going to say a few words about the types of leather sandals @sirenshoes.

Choose your perfect one!


Summer heeled sandals are necessary for those who prefer romantic or extraordinary styles. Sandals with heels look unusual, but at the same time very stylish and modern. The trend is sparkling decor, chains, bows. Women’s heels look great with both dresses and a pantsuit. Also, try wearing this trendy type with leather dresses and shorts.


Leather flat-soled sandals are very comfortable. They give a bold sporty image to their owner. They are great for everyday wear. Combine them with shorts, a shirt dress, jeans, and sundresses.

On a platform

Some of the most fashionable summer sandals are models on a corrugated platform. Such a sole can be both very massive and more modest. They look good with wide trousers.


Wedge sandals are not just comfortable, but also incredibly stylish. It is best to wear such baroque wedge shoes with light dresses and skirts, blouses with bows and frills, raincoats with floral patterns. Pick up an unusual handbag for them.

No heels

You will not be mistaken if you choose this option for the summer. It looks great with sportswear or casual clothes. Sandals without heels will suit a light sundress, shorts, or cropped summer trousers. Another practical, but more elegant option is one without heels with straps encircling the ankles. They are simply created to be combined with a white summer dress, linen clothes, or jackets.


Summer closed sandals – espadrilles will be useful to you not only on vacation but also in the city. They will look incredibly stylish with jeans. It is difficult to imagine shoes that go such well with fashionable white sundresses, woven bags, and hats. The image consisting of these elements is simply created for a relaxed summer mood.  By the way, they will perfectly match the safari-style look. You can also wear them with jeans, linen suits, cotton shirts, and dresses.


Summer open sandals are a necessary item in women’s wardrobe. They allow you to demonstrate a beautiful pedicure and are irreplaceable in hot weather. They can be worn with a toe – today it is stylish and fashionable. Besides, they will perfectly emphasize the lightness of a translucent dress or complement the boho-style look.


High sandals are a special charm, sophistication, and elegance.  Made of metalized leather that go slightly over the ankle they will become a stylish thing suitable for almost any summer clothing. Women’s shoes of this kind make their owners incredibly stylish.


Salvation for tourists. In fact, they are lightweight ventilated sneakers. A distinctive feature of such shoes is their sporty appearance, wide straps, and comfortable fasteners. In the sports model, everything is aimed precisely at the comfort and safety of the foot during long walks or summer sports. They are very light, made of natural materials or high-tech synthetic. They provide foot support and maximum fixation.

In the Greek style

Everyone’s favorite simple and versatile shoes were invented many centuries ago. Elegance, the interweaving of many thin straps, stylish design – all of this is about Greek sandals. They can have a more closed upper part, or be completely open, have a small platform, or a completely flat sole. Choose the model that suits your taste. They are fastened with ties, less often with a clasp.

Sandal’s colors

In fact, they can be absolutely different. From the brightest, flashy, to muted calm color tones. The colors of these shoes depend on the mood, and, of course, on the style as a whole.


Minimalistic black flat-soled sandals will become your faithful companion on summer days. They will suit everything. Black ones are perfectly combined with different styles of clothing and their colors. They can be without a heel or have a strap that wraps around the foot from behind.


Brown sandals made in the Greek style look good. They will look great with denim clothes and colorful dresses in red, yellow, green, and blue.


Summer white sandals are certainly in fashion because white is the classical color of the season. It is good for its universality and perfectly complements to any other shades. White flat-soled shoes can be worn even with a strict suit, and the harmony of the look will not be disturbed. A great solution is to dress in white from head to toe. A white dress or a white T-shirt with a skirt, as well as a white bag in total, will give you a super stylish summer outfit.


In summer, all shades of blue are popular: from dark blue to bright blue. These ones will complement a denim skirt or shorts, will look great with a white sundress, and will go with a bright dress.


Red sandals undoubtedly emphasize the originality of brave girls.

With lots of thin straps wrapping around the shin they will be the perfect pair for a dress. Red goes well with shades from the same range, but in this case, follow the rule: warm to warm, cold to cold. In addition, red shoes create stylish combinations with white, light blue, and gray clothing, as well as with metallic textures. This type can be perfectly combined with accessories selected in the same color scheme.

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