The Face Mask Fashion Statement

by Mother Huddle Staff

It’s the year 2020 and the hottest fashion accessory on the planet is…the face mask? Just a few years ago, this would have been difficult to consider, but now that there is a sea of face masks everywhere, reality has set in. Do we know how long we’ll be wearing face masks? Considering how effective they are at preventing the spread of disease, the chances of face masks going away any time soon is slim, even after the vaccine is launched. 

Today, pretty much everyone is wearing a face mask in public places like the airport, grocery store, and doctor’s office. Any place where we mix with others who are not in our immediate family. We’re also practicing social distancing and keeping at home and ordering take out instead of going out to eat, for example. In fact, everyone is handling the pandemic in their own way – and that’s true about face masks, too. 

Masks have indeed become a fashion statement and more people are choosing to purchase masks for fashion and health, not just health. And there is no shortage of the kind of masks you can buy. From basic black to fringed out masks, there is something for everyone. Medical masks are just so…medical and people want to feel less like they’re at a hospital than out with friends grabbing a to-go coffee. In fact, since masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you can look at purchasing reusable cloth face masks, like those from an Ohio State apparel company as an investment.

A face mask can really destroy the look of an outfit. If you’re all decked out in dressy clothes and throw on a medical face mask, it just doesn’t look good. For this reason, it’s becoming important to have a collection of masks. There’s the basic black mask which will go with just about anything. There are also masks with intricate designs or logos. Many people choose to show off their loyalty to a sports team or political candidate with a face mask. And then there are designer face masks. By now you’ve probably seen some really beautiful face masks gracing the cover of magazines and across advertisements. Designers understand the importance of the face mask and that it’s not going anywhere so they’re trying to meet public demand and offer face masks along with the rest of their apparel. 

There is much truth to this statement as retailers across the globe are cashing in on designer face masks. While having a few of these is a great idea, it’s still smart to keep a box of disposable face masks handy just in case. Without being able to walk into most stores and other public places in the United States and around the world without a face covering, being stuck without a mask could cause problems. Some retailers are handing out masks for those that forget them, but these are typically disposable and are to only be worn once. To reduce your carbon footprint, it is recommended to use cloth masks as the medical ones only end up in the landfill

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