Family Frustration: 6 Signs It’s Time To Seek Legal Advice

by Mother Huddle Staff
Family Frustration

Life is not always a fairy tale. While some people marry early, have kids, and enjoy their marriage for years to come, this is unfortunately not the experience everyone has.

Let’s face it; sometimes, we grow apart from our partners, wives, husbands, lovers. These things can happen. It is a part of life – some people just aren’t meant to be together forever.

However, when you share your life with someone, your affairs can become joined together, and when a separation occurs, it can be a good idea to contact family lawyers.

In this useful blog, we’ll share six signs that it is time to seek legal advice when going through a separation.

1.    When You Have Shared Assets

Sharing assets is part of married life. If you follow the standard path through life, you marry, have kids and usually end up purchasing real estate with a mortgage. This means that you are joint owners of the property.

You might also share other assets such as vehicles, shares and stocks, cash savings and other investments.

When it comes to separation and divorce, it is best to seek legal advice about how assets will be distributed. After all, you’ve both worked hard for your assets, and nobody should walk away with nothing in hand.

2. When There is a Custody Dispute

If your partner and yourself have children, a separation can be really tough to navigate. You need to be there for your kids while also forging your path in life, newly single.

Now, some people can come to an amicable decision about custody arrangements – who will have the kids when, and for how long.

However, not all separations go smoothly. If a custody dispute emerges, you need the advice of a family lawyer, pronto.

3. If Your Partner Keeps Finances in the Dark

Now, most people have open, honest and communicative relationships. They let their partner know everything, and nothing is kept hidden.

However, some people keep their partners in the dark about certain things, such as finances.

If you believe your partner is keeping financial information that involves you hidden, consult with a family lawyer.

4. To Arrange Child Support

If you have separated or divorced, your children’s other parent must pay child support based on the amount of time you care for your children.

This is a legal requirement; however, some people will do their best to dodge their responsibilities to their children and the law.

If your ex is not paying child support, you need the services of a family lawyer.

5. Intervention Orders

Now, this is a sensitive topic. However, we do need to cover it.

If your ex has been abusive, either physically, emotionally or financially, you may want to consider legal intervention to keep them away from you and your new home and your children.

A family lawyer can advise on intervention orders or other orders that police can enforce to keep you and your family safe.

6. Any Other Situation You Are Unsure Of

Sometimes it can be useful to seek legal advice if you have a family matter that you are unsure of.

If you are going through a separation or divorce, it might be worth consulting a family lawyer, even just to clarify the law and your position.

Summing Up

In this helpful article, we’ve shared six signs that it is time to seek legal advice when it comes to family frustrations.

To recap, they are:

  • When you share assets
  • Custody issues
  • Financial matters
  • Child support
  • Intervention and other orders
  • Any other situation you need advice for

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