8 Family Travel Tips For A Perfect Vacation

by Mother Huddle Staff
7 Family Travel Tips For A Perfect Vacation

Traveling with your family is exciting but a bit tedious as well. A lot of planning takes place days or weeks before for bookings, finding activities, locations, etc. As hectic as it may sound, here are a few tips to make your trips a bit easier.

  • Reserve in advance: The importance of reservations is usually understood while traveling. You can easily make reservations on vacation rental software. So you don’t have to worry about finding a hotel instead of sightseeing. Reservations let you live in the moment.
  • Splurge on a private charter: if you have a large family or flying in groups with other families, it may be worth it to check out a private jet charter. It can save a lot of hassles, and surprisingly isn’t as expensive as you’d think. A good site to check out for flights is Jettly.
  • Sort out COVID pass and vaccinations: Check if you, your spouse, and your kids have a valid Covid pass to prove your vaccination status while traveling abroad. Keep looking for any extra vaccinations or medicines you will need before traveling. As you get closer to your vacation date, check for changes in the travel advisory. Make sure you also have your passports! If you don’t have one, this DIY ID photo guide can help you get started on the path to obtaining one!
  • Choose the luggage wisely: Any traveler will assure that one of the essential things that need to be paid attention to is a good quality suitcase. It should be made of sustainable materials and have a light weight not to cause you any inconvenience throughout your journey. There are numerous luggage types in the market today. Opt for compact and durable hardshell suitcases that are of lighter weight, cost-effective, and also consider their capacity.
  • Avoid overpacking: When you have kids, you will always feel like you have left something behind while traveling. Traveling is going to put your routine in disarray, so it doesn’t make sense to pack every little thing your kid needs. Luggage sizes also get bigger. Even if you miss something, you can buy it in your destination city or country.
  • Carry enough snacks: A lack of snacks can turn a fun vacation into a miserable one. Hungry kids are also grumpy and sad kids whose tantrums drain the fun away—delays in the flight, traffic, or an outing that takes a bit too long. Sometimes lunch or dinner becomes late. This is unpredictable, leaving your kids hungry. Your kid may not like the restaurant’s food. At such times, these delicious snacks come in handy.
  • Explain your trip: Kids can get confused about unknown places. They get uncomfortable and unhappy. So it’s better to plan your route using a route scheduling app and explain your travel plan to the kids. They must understand at least a little of what to expect. Also, teach them how to behave in certain situations and places. About how they should act in hotels, tours, or tourist spots.
  • Child discounts: You will be surprised to know the number of places that offer child discounts. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. It might be difficult to enquire initially, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a smooth sailing ride. Sometimes they do not mention it in the package details. So it’s better to ask for it separately.
  • Expect things to go wrong:  Your daughter may leave her phone in the taxi and never get it back. Your child may have to visit the washroom, and you may end up missing the train. There are genuine situations that you cannot avoid. The best thing is to accept them and find a workaround.


Traveling with your family is a great way to make memories you can cherish in the future. But unsavory circumstances lead to things going haywire. Hopefully, these great tips we have outlined above will help you get through or avoid them entirely.

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