Finding books based on similar books

by Mother Huddle Staff
Finding books based on similar books

Most of us thought we’d be halfway through our 2022 reading list by now, but here we are. Picking up a book is only getting harder by the day, and for the first time, we can’t blame it on our tight schedules. Yes, the disinterest to peek through those books gathering dust on our shelves is solely based on fear. The fear that our next read could be painfully underwhelming and unsatisfying is a problem point that always begins with a good book. The truth is, we all have that masterpiece that had us charged up, yearning for more; it could be a book, novel, or an academic article. That read, the momentous writing you can’t seem to get your mind off, is what set the bar for you, and now every book you read will either break even or have you dreading the reading experience altogether. It’s a sticky dilemma.

Getting the perfect read based on previous books

For habitual readers, discovering a book they love is liberating- it defines their niche and streamlines their reading experience; for the newbies, catchy books initiate them into the culture. Admittedly, a cookie-cut taste in books will curve your reading journey into one that’s somewhat fulfilling. While this is true, preferential reading is only achievable with a critical selection of reads that align with your favorites. Explore how you can get started with these five simple steps.

Author works

You might want to double back on the author in your quest for similar books. Often, a book strikes a chord because you can resonate with the writer’s style and sound. Something about how the writer conjured their words in that work appeals to you; nevertheless, who’s to say the rest of their portfolio wouldn’t? If you haven’t already, make a point to check out more of the author’s books and publications for some insight.

Google it

Hey, we all knew this was coming. Google has been the number one go-to search engine for our wildest questions, and this right here is no exception. Look up Google Books for a wide catalog of digitized books and publishings with appropriate keywords. This gem will locate millions of book pages and narrow it down to a detailed few. From these findings, you can pinpoint potential matches for you. Then again, you can always use book recommendation websites and apps.


Chances are you’re not the first to fall in love with the book; hundreds if not thousands of people found it just as intriguing. That said, you’d want to start your search with your closest circles; find out who has read the piece and whether or not they liked it. If they did, ask if they have any similar book recommendations they would vouch for. Along with friends and family, you could turn to online forums and platforms with your book description for assistance. You’ll be surprised by what social media has in store for you.


Take a moment to determine whether the book’s fiction or nonfiction. Understanding where you fall in this broad category sets you one step closer to finding the book. Once you have that in order, fine-tune your search to a specific genre; romance, thriller, or fantasy. You can deduce a perfectly fitting genre by analyzing the book’s plot, theme, and style. With the literary world brimming with about 51 genres, a precise classification will no doubt save you some digging.

Ask a Librarian

If all else fails, go the old-school way. Brick and mortar libraries, however outdated, are a surefire route to landing your perfect read. Aside from having an abundance of reading material to browse through, the library provides a trained researcher who’ll walk you through any concerns and questions you may have- the librarian. Librarians have the knowledge and tenacity most book hunters only dream of, so you might want to consider stopping at your local library for a brain pick with the pros.


Obligatory or otherwise, reading is an inseparable part of human nature. Inevitably, we’ll find ourselves drawn to books for their impact on us. For some, these writings are a source of enlightenment, while others find them downright entertaining and whimsical. Whichever the case, your call to go with one publishing over another will always be preferential. Acknowledging that your reading choices will be driven by perspective and experience is half the job. The other half is finding your niche, and what better start than a book you already love? Pre-loved books make a good kickstart to landing reads that truly resonate with you; this guide only seeks to nip it in the bud.

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