Gifts to Get for Babies Aged 0 to 6 Months

by Mother Huddle Staff
Gifts to Get for Babies

Parents will observe that during the first six months of their lives, the newborn will be awake and alert for long periods of time and irregular patterns. You should try to find out the gifts that best stimulate them and assemble a list of your own custom-made items called ‘baby gear’. When you have identified the periods of peak activity during the day, bring the baby gear nearby to provide your child with playful activities when they’re most active.

The item should be visually appealing, soothing to hear, smooth to touch and, if edible, delicious to the taste buds. It has been observed that babies love bright colours such as blue, red, yellow and orange. The toy should ideally have a high contrast ratio and incorporate a simple design theme to best appeal to their senses.

The toy should offer soothing sounds or words that will help to grow their language skills. They should develop their motor skills such as gripping, holding and reaching. It is preferable if the toy teaches them about the cause. An example would be toys that generate noise when you shake them.

Since babies haven’t really developed the idea of capitalism yet, it is obvious they won’t be aware of the latest trends in toys and gadgets, so don’t push yourself too hard when it comes to finances. The toy doesn’t have to be the most expensive or the hottest item on the market.

In this article, we look at some of the best toys and edible gifts you can get for babies when they are aged 0 to 6 months. It is often difficult to think of a gift for babies this age, which is why we come to your rescue.

Bouncer seats

Bouncer seats are designed to give infants the ability to move and bounce about. This kind of activity helps develop their gross motor skills and balance. The bouncer should have bright colours and patterns to keep the baby well engaged, entertained and stimulated. The seat should ideally have a supportive back and head cushioning so that your infant feels confident when propped up on their bouncer seat.

Activity mats

During their first few weeks of life, babies would closely observe hanging toys or rattles with their eyes. They would follow the toy move and track its position, making tiny notes in their heads. Babies keep track of those movements by moving their eyes around from side to side. This is where the activity mat comes in; it allows you to place the baby on their back. The attached overhead bar allows the baby to pull, spin and rattle the dangling toys; this helps grow and strengthen their muscles.

Soft books

It is recommended that parents should read to their babies in order to develop their language and vocabulary skills early on. The best options are soft cloth books with fabric spots and pictures for the baby to touch while you read them all those new words.

Lightweight rattles

Babies love to make noise, and the best way to stimulate their hearing is to give them a rattle to help them understand cause and effect. Giving them a rattle will help babies learn rhythm with their hands, feet, eyes and their senses.

Interesting Shapes for Edibles

Shapes hold the key to changing the perspective children have of food. Not just the fact that children get to see these interesting shapes, but since they can touch them and eventually eat these shapes, there is a general interest towards what’s in front of them.

There is a reason why children love cookies so much. Cookies come in many shapes and forms, which is why children find being indifferent to them impossible. When cooking your child’s food, you can take up the opportunity to ask your kid about the kind of shapes they like. Alphabet pasta and nuggets can be a good idea to start off with.

Coloured Edibles to the Rescue

Where shapes cannot make the difference, colours come to the rescue. Colours attract the visual senses of your kid and make them look at the food with excitement and passion. Children that have more colours and variety on their plate have a better chance of finishing everything. Make the meals colourful and add shapes to ensure that your child is attracted towards the meal, rather than you doing the pushing and fighting.

You can get discounted gifts for your child if you are clever and keep an eye on promos. Find out more on free baby stuff here and save on the gifts you get for your kid.

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