6 Ways That You Can Give Your Home Décor a New Lease of Life

by Mother Huddle Staff
Give Your Home Décor a New Lease of Life

There comes a time during every homeowner’s life that they get the itch to start making some changes. We can easily grow tired of the décor that we have had for years and sometimes it just needs a little refresh to make it feel brand-new again.

Today, we will be discussing six ways that you can give your current home décor a new lease of life.

Swap Out Soft Furnishings

A great way to refresh your home décor is by switching out your soft furnishings. Throw pillows, bedding and rugs can all be switched up throughout the changing seasons to give your home a new look. You may be surprised at just how much this can make a change to your space. In the summertime, you may choose soft furnishing that are bright in color. However, in the winter you may want a cozier feel so you can switch out the bright colors of your furnishings to warmer tones.

There is plenty of advice online which can help you switch up your soft furnishings to help give your home the makeover it was longing for.

Switch Up Your Hardware

Small changes can often make the biggest differences, and this certainly applies to the hardware around your home. Many people don’t realize that they can easily switch out the hardware on their cabinets and TV units to give them a new lease of life. It can really help to bring an old cabinet back to life whilst totally transforming the overall look of it. Now, the options for hardware are endless. There are plenty of funky designs online and you can easily get hold of some in your local DIY store.

There will be no need to get rid of any old furniture once you get the hang of it and you will fall back in love with your furniture all over again.

Incorporate Photographs and Art

Photographs and art pieces are a great way to add a personal flair to your home. Not to mention the fact that they can turn a bland wall in your home into a showstopping focal point. Now, with the help of sites like Inkifi, it has never been easier to turn your favorite photographs and artwork into large photo prints. Experiment with frames and give your wall a total re-fresh. The beauty of art and photo prints is you can constantly switch them up and change them out throughout the year. If you like the sound of Inkifi’s large photo prints, then you can get started through this link.

Add Greenery

It’s time to bring a bit of the great outdoors into your home. If your home needs added vibrancy and a pop of color, then house plants and flowers are the way to go. Plants don’t just enhance the overall look of your space, but they have also been proven to enhance people’s moods. If you are new to the plant world you may worry about how to look after them. Luckily, there is plenty of helpful advice online when it comes to choosing your house plants and some of them don’t need as much attention as you think. If you really are afraid about plant care, why not purchase some artificial plants. No one would even know they aren’t real. It’s a win-win!

Go Bold with Paint

Nothing says refresh like a new coat of paint. Paint is a great way to transform the walls in your home. If your home has a minimalist feel, it can help to add a pop of color to brighten up the space. You don’t have to commit to painting all the walls in your home. You can choose one wall to be a focal point. The beauty of paint is you can be as bold and creative as you like. It’s your home so there are certainly no rules when it comes to color and design choice. It’s time to say goodbye to drab, boring walls and hello to colorful new ones.

Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes, we might not have the funds for new hardware, paint or soft furnishings. However, there is still a low-cost way to refresh your home décor and that’s by working with what you already have. You may be surprised at just how much rearranging furniture can transform a space and make it look band new. There are plenty of tips out there on how to rearrange your furniture and there certainly is an art to it. If it’s done correctly, you can really open up a space and make it feel even bigger. You can even strategically place furniture to make your home feel cozier. All it takes is some practice and the beauty of it is, you can do it as many times as you want.

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