Healthy Meals to Prepare for the Family

by Mother Huddle Staff
Healthy Meals to Prepare for the Family

The incorporation of a healthy diet in our daily eating habits continues to be advocated. There so many benefits one can reap by eating a healthy diet in the proper proportions. A healthy meal plan reduces the trips to the doctor. Some benefits of eating a healthy diet include;

  • It boosts your heart health. Foods low in fat content or fat-free products improve blood circulation. Higher fiber foods also improve blood cholesterol-lowering the chances of getting heart diseases.
  • It helps one maintain their weight. Having a body mass index enables you to know the number of kilograms or pounds you should weigh against your height. Healthy diets can help you either lose weight, maintain it or gain it.
  • Healthy diets help in reducing cancer risk. Foods such as pumpkins and carrots and fruits such as berries and dark leafy greens help boost the immune system.
  • Fish and foods rich in vitamin C, D, and E help in improving mental health. Children who are enriched with these foods grow up with sharp memory and critical thinking skills.
  • Eating a healthy diet helps in ensuring the health of the next generation. Children who help their parents and guardians in gardening and cooking healthy meals tend to adopt that lifestyle in their advanced years.

Eating a healthy diet every day is not a costly adventure. Healthy meal service can be adopted and implemented in all sectors of life. Ingredients can have picked from a garden or bought from a grocery store. As low as 10 dollars, one can prepare a healthy meal. Some of the quickest ways to cut out unhealthy eating are; 

  • To ensure that foods cooked are 50% fresh produce, that is, they are organic.
  • To ensure one eats whole fruits more often, which contain more fiber content than fruit juices, added sugar.
  • To drink more water and herbal tea than soft drinks.
  • Avoiding foods high in salt, like processed meat, can have adverse effects like colon cancer.
  • To avoid red meat once or twice a week.
  • To have more plant milk than animal milk.

Countries like the United States have state laws regulating schools to offer healthy foods and cut out junk like too much sugar and salt. The rules have also been applied to restaurants and the hospitality industry to include more organic foods in their menus. Eating in proportions is also an essential factor to consider. Doctors advise that one should eat more depending on when one is working more. This depends on when your day starts. For some, it is during the day, and others are at night. 

 Eating fewer foods when you’re about to sleep is advised to get better sleep and help in the digestive system. Also, one should have fruits in every meal they take. Eating fruits daily also prevents constipation. When exercising, one should include more proteins to help in the repairing of muscles. Rest is also as important, foods help keep the body in check, and one must have enough sleep to avoid fatigue.

Illnesses that are avoided by eating healthy foods are;

  • Stroke
  • Obesity
  • Infertility
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart attacks

Governments and organizations should help in facilitating healthy meal services. Unfortunately, in third-world countries, more than a third of their population sleep hungry and go for weeks without having a meal. Poverty rates are high, and affording the simplest of meals becomes difficult. The children become malnourished, and some even die due to hunger. The World Health Organization sends relief foods and aid to the affected communities all over Africa.

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