I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

by Mother Huddle Staff

About the only phrase more catchy and popular than the title is “music self-played is happiness self-made.” It seems a cinch that combining these two things creates the ultimate in happiness.

Learning how to make ice cream at home puts together three of the best things into one package: tasty treats, DIY tech, and a huge mess left for hopefully someone else.

A bonus to all this, you know exactly what’s in the ice cream you create and can flavor it to your particular picky palettes content.

Enough hype, let’s get to the good stuff.

How to Make Ice Cream Materials

When it comes to materials and equipment, ice cream seems fairly simple. That shouldn’t be surprising given that the earlies ice creams trackback to when CE was BCE.

Ice cream or cream ice showed up closer to its current form around the 16th century as a Chinese to Italy import.

To create ice cream you need a base, a churn, flavorings, emulsifiers, and some time. Also, in case you flub the whole thing, be prepared to call in some Ice cream catering to keep the children from telling a future story of that time you failed to create ice cream.


Ice cream starts with milk to form the cream in the name. Not all creams are the same, though. Some creams use eggs to create a custard which is then chilled. Others use non-dairy milk such as cashew, soy, or coconut milk.

Flavor and texture change depending on your base, so play around to find your favorite.


Hand mixers, electric devices, and hand churns all get the job done eventually. If you do a lot of ice cream making, splurge to avoid adding those miles to your forearm.


If you’ve sampled DIY ice cream before, you may have noticed the texture doesn’t always match up with your favorite purchased kinds. That’s because bigger manufacturers use emulsifying agents that change the crystallization during freezing.

Experiment with corn syrup, cornstarch, and cream cheese to smooth out the texture or thicken your cream to the desired consistency.

How to Make Ice Cream Steps

There are three overall steps to the ice cream making process.

1. Cream Creation

Start by mixing your chosen base cream with sugar and heat the mixture up. You want to dissolve the sugar and create a ring of foam showing the bonds have formed.

2. Flavor

Move your cream, still warm, to your churn container and stir in your extracts, powders, and other flavorings. You also add your chosen emulsifiers in this step.

3. Churn, Chill, and Serve

If using a commercial churn, follow instructions on speeds and time. For the more hands-on approach, place your cream concoction into a container and then place that container in a larger container.

Add ice and salt to the external container, making sure none of it gets into the cream. Agitate by shaking, stirring, or rolling until the cream solidifies.

Depending on your recipe, you may need to remove and freeze your mixture, then return for more agitation. The heavier your cream and more custard your mix, the less likely you will need additional freezer time.

Your cream is ready to serve!


Don’t settle for one quick DIY like how to make ice cream when you can do it all yourself (or nearly all). We have more tips, tricks, and ideas for creating joy and spending time with your kids. Keep browsing the rest of our blog today!

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