5 Popular Interior Design Styles to Model Your Home After

by Mother Huddle Staff

If you’re thinking about updating your living space, it’s helpful to consider and understand your decorating style. For many people, not knowing the proper design terms or techniques can make it challenging to define their interior design preference. Additionally, if you know what style suits your taste, you can combine design elements for an extra wow factor.  To make your next remodel less stressful or daunting, here are five of this decade’s most popular design styles to help you create the ideal look for your home. 

1. Shabby Chic

This design style is more feminine in nature, as opposed to more modern masculine trends. This style is often vintage-inspired and includes distressed accessories found in farmhouse living room decor. Designers often use baskets, signs and other antique-style finishes. Wall hangings and light fixtures incorporate ornate design, which adds to the feminine feel. If you like whites, creams or pastels, you may prefer this style to other design methods. HGTV’s popular show, Fixer Upper, highlights many of the design elements incorporated in a shabby chic or farmhouse type design style.

2. Rustic

When most people think rustic, they visualize a cabin in the mountains. While this idea is relatively accurate, rustic styles can incorporate additional contemporary elements as well. Generally, rustic interior design includes raw or unfinished woods or stone. Often decor accessories include ties to the outdoors. Architecturally rustic homes often have vaulted ceilings with accenting wood beams. People who like this design style prefer warm and inviting colors and decor pieces.  

3. Traditional

Traditional interior design is rooted in European elements. Often those who prefer this design style enjoy dark woods and vibrant color palettes. Decor pieces and furniture generally include elaborate designs or patterns. A traditional style embraces accent accessories and textures. This style also sways more to those interested in depth, layering and dimension. Traditionalists enjoy softer looking fabrics such as velvet and silk as opposed to colder looking elements such as leather and synthetics. 

4. Contemporary

Contemporary design styles are often confused with modern interior designs since they have similar elements. Yet, one distinctive difference between the two includes the use of lines. A contemporary style embraces curved lines, while a modern look comprises straight. Additionally, if you have a contemporary style, you often describe your design preference based on the here and now. People who prefer this design style are generally flexible and more fluid in their design tastes. Their style sways more to current trends and less toward one specific design.  

5. Modern

The term modern is often used in the design industry to describe clean, crisp lines or muted color pallet. Often modern homes emphasize industrial materials such as metal, glass, and steel. People drawn to modern interior designs generally enjoy simplicity in furniture, decor, and paint color. Whites and neutrals are the most popular, and many individuals would describe a modern style by stating they like the sleek clutter-free environment. According to adorable-home.com, this decorating style is the number one trending home style for 2020. 

When you know your design style, you are more likely to enjoy the process of updating your living space. Modern and contemporary styles often include straight or curved lines and simple designs, while rustic, traditional and shabby chic styles embrace character, color and warmth. Each design is unique and offers a wide selection of finishes, colors and patterns. Remember, it’s ok to combine elements from within different styles. Don’t let stereotypes keep you from the way you feel your dream home should appear. When you follow your heart, your house will be the place your heart feels most at home. 

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