The Top 8 Tips For Leather Care Advice

by Mother Huddle Staff
Leather Care

You can often hear that people say genuine leather is wear-resistant, serves for a long time and its appearance does not deteriorate. In fact, everything depends on the type of leather, its dressing and tanning products used, the quality of raw materials, and, of course, proper care, because like any natural material, it requires careful treatment. That’s what we’ll talk about in more detail today.


Leather products are not subject to washing! Genuine leather is a porous material that absorbs moisture and conducts it through the pores on the surface. If you soak a leather bag and then dry it, it will lose its shape, stretch out, become hard, unpleasant to the touch. And if you also squeeze it after soaking, then there will be creases, which you can hardly cope with later. As a result, your item will no longer be the same.

How to properly clean natural skin?

Dry cleaning with special cleaning agents or slightly wet cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended.


And what if you find yourself with your favorite bag in the pouring rain or gloves fell into a puddle? Natural leather is afraid of moisture. It passes it through itself because it is porous. Think about your own skin, because we breathe it, cool our body, giving moisture to the environment. Natural leather for accessories is the skin of a cow, goat, etc., and the animal has the same thermoregulation as a person – that is, the ability to pass moisture, air, and also absorb odors, preserving them in the structure of the pores. Therefore, do not allow a large amount of moisture to get on your products, avoid prolonged contact of accessories with water.

How to dry natural skin correctly?

To protect against moisture, a huge number of water-repellent aerosols, creams, and impregnations have been created. They should be applied according to the instructions.


If the accessory is still wet, do not dry it with a hairdryer, near the battery, hot iron, and another highly heating device. Also, avoid direct sunlight. The burning sun will work as iron, and even the dye of the top layer will burn out. Again, remember what happens to your own skin without sunscreen on the beach somewhere in the southern latitudes, and do not wish to burn your favorite purse or diary so much.

It is necessary to dry the skin at room temperature, away from the window with the scorching sun, after giving the product the original or desired shape – fill the bag with crumpled paper, straighten the gloves, the notebook can be evenly spread out and pressed on top with a not very heavy and breathable press.

Is it possible to iron natural skin?

Products from natural materials can be gently ironed with an iron at a low temperature through the fabric. Also, flat products can be pressed: wipe the material with a damp cloth, straighten it evenly, put a smooth board on top of the entire area and press it evenly with something heavy. To smooth out creases you can hang clothes in a straightened state.


Painted in bright colors things are afraid of the sun color – they burn out. Although the skin is natural, nevertheless, it is impregnated with chemical compositions and covered with a layer of coloring matter. If you want to preserve the brightness of the color for a long time, do not leave the leather product for a long time on the windowsill or where the sun’s rays often appear. It is possible to restore the original color, but sometimes it is difficult or even impossible. Therefore, store accessories in places where direct sunlight does not penetrate.


Genuine leather accessories are often seasonal. Summer bags have light colors, in winter we mostly wear darker ones. So, what do you need to know about the storage of genuine leather products? Since the skin breathes, it requires, accordingly, a package that breathes. The best option is fabric bags and cardboard boxes. Bags are often accompanied by a special bag made of non-woven material (it has a soft, lint-free surface with small holes). This bag was put in the kit for a reason – it is great for storing your handbag. Plastic and plastic bags are not suitable for storing products. Because of them, they can dry out and crack. In extreme cases, if you have plastic containers, they should have holes for ventilation. If you temporarily need to store a diary or notebook, then put it in the cardboard box in which it was sold. It will protect from dust, creases, deformations while allowing the product to breathe inside. There will be no foreign odors and accidental moisture because the cardboard box has the property of absorbing some of the moisture into itself.


Genuine leather is wear-resistant, durable, elastic, holds its shape for a long time, and holds it well, it is pleasant to the touch, but it is afraid of scratches just like the skin on your body. If the scratch on your hand heals due to regeneration, then regeneration no longer works on a handbag. Top coverings, as well as protective preventive means, protect the skin from physical influences, but not so much that it becomes invulnerable. Small holes and scratches can be removed by angelus paints This recovery has excellent results. And a few words about stretching: if you pull for a long time, the skin will stretch out, and it will not return to its previous state. Sandpaper and a nail file can remove the top layer of colored skin, and it will lose its shine and protective properties at the place of grinding.


What should natural skin be protected from?


First of all, protect it from sharp objects. Protect natural material from friction with sanding surfaces, and use targeted surface sanding only when you are sure that it can be done on this type of leather.


To maintain the leather accessory in its original form, use creams and protective products that are recommended for this type of skin. Smooth leather-creams for smooth skins, velour and suede-protective sprays for suede and special rubber brushes, patent leather – no chemicals and a soft polishing cloth.


Natural leather is negatively sensitive to aggressive cleaning agents, namely, acetone, nail polish remover liquids, chemical solvents, salts, alkalis, and acids. Do not expose your accessories to these substances. You can clean natural skin only with special cleaning products and some improvised methods with light chemicals – soap, lemon juice, milk, vaseline. Skincare in winter, skincare should be especially careful in winter. At this time of year, it often gets wet and freezes in the cold, which negatively affects its appearance. Before the start of the season, wash and dry it in a natural way, treat it with a greasy cream and a product that includes wax. After each exit to the street, clean it from reagents and salts.

We hope that these simple rules will help to preserve your leather products in their original form for a long time! Thank you for reading!



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