5 Simple Hacks for Making Your Daily Morning Routine Easier

by Mother Huddle Staff

Whether you live by yourself, have multiple roommates or have children you need to care for, it’s common for many people to have hectic, packed mornings. Your morning sets the tone for the entire day to follow, so having an organized routine can help put you in the right frame of mind for a peaceful, well-organized day. However, it’s often all too easy to let things get out of hand and feel stressed out and overwhelmed right from the get-go as soon as the alarm clock goes off in the A.M. You can take a few steps to help make your mornings go over smoother, however, so you won’t have to start the day with your nerves already frazzled.

1. Consider Subscriptions for Clothes You Need Every Day

Mornings are hectic enough without having to worry about what to wear or whether you have enough new clothes to wear. For items that you know you’ll be using every day, consider getting a subscription to cross one more thing off your list. For instance, an underwear subscription would ensure you have the basics every morning.

2. Meal-Prep Your Breakfasts Well in Advance

It’s important to always eat breakfast to get some energy after eight hours with no food or drink, but many people find themselves having to skip breakfast because it just takes too long to prepare. However, you can still make sure you get a healthy meal in by prepping your breakfast the night before. Some easy ideas for this include partially assembled breakfast sandwiches or overnight oats.

3. Lay Out Your Morning Items the Night Before, From Supplements to Skincare

The last thing you want in the morning is to waste time looking for items you know you’ll need, from your clothes to your skincare products to your work bags. Rather than scrambling around in the dark when you’re tired, try laying out everything you’ll be using the night before. For instance, lay your morning vitamins on the kitchen table and pack your briefcase early.

4. Use the Power of Natural or Artificial Light To Feel More Awake

Interestingly, your brain may not send the signals for you to feel fully awake if your environment is too dark. A dark room indicates to your body that it’s still nighttime and you should be sleeping, leading to an exhausted, overall groggy feeling instead of the spritely feeling you’re hoping for. A good trick is to open the blinds as soon as you get up to let the natural light in. However, if you have to get up while it’s still dark out or you live in an area where it’s dark most of the time in certain seasons, an alternative is to get natural light-imitating light bulbs.

5. Get Snoozing Early at Night To Feel Truly Rested

One final tip that can help your mornings go over easier is to lay the groundwork for a good morning the night before. After all, if you wake up exhausted, you may already be in a bad mood before you’ve even gotten started on your routine. This means making it an absolute priority to get to bed as early as you can, so that you can get at least eight, if not more, hours of sleep a night. When you wake up feeling truly rested, you’ll be well equipped to deal with any craziness that may happen in the morning.

It’s not just you – mornings can be a challenge for just about everyone. Just because mornings can feel stressful, however, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it. Any of these hacks can help simplify your mornings and help you get into an efficient and healthy routine, so that you won’t have to start your day completely exhausted already.

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