The Makings of a Modern Kitchen

by Mother Huddle Staff

When it comes to kitchen styles, “modern” continues to be a fan favorite, likely because of its emphasis on form and function. The modern design relies heavily on simplicity, cleanliness and practicality, making it one that integrates seamlessly into most peoples’ homes and lifestyles. If you’re ready to breathe new life into your kitchen and believe that the modern aesthetic is right for you, start planning your design around the few essential elements of a modern kitchen.

Sleek Appliances

Kitchen appliances are an often underrated and underappreciated element of any kitchen design. Though many homeowners give plenty of thought to how a refrigerator, stove or dishwasher may function, very few give much, if any, thought to an appliance’s appearance. Yet, these major appliances take up significant space. If you’re not careful, your dated white refrigerator may become the focal point of your otherwise modern kitchen, and not in a good way. When shopping for appliances, be sure to select fixtures that mesh well with the modern design and that will meet your lifestyle needs and expectations.

Clean, Sleek Lines

Cabinetry with detailed molding, busy finishes, and ornate hardware have no place in a modern kitchen. Modern design is all about simple lines and clean finishes. Everything, from the countertops to the cabinetry, should boast a minimalist look. In most cases, this means black, stainless steel, or chrome finishes and minimal to no accents.


People who appreciate modern design appreciate two things in a home: Its openness, and its ability to maximize every inch of square space. Islands pay homage to these two concepts in that they extend a room’s useable living area without closing it off from others. To make the most of your island, equip it with hidden drawers and shelving. Choose a countertop that extends about a foot beyond the base on one side, to create a bar dining area. For seating that either slips seamlessly out of sight when not in use or that complements the surrounding environment, shop bar stools in various materials, hues, heights, and styles.

Uncluttered Aesthetic

In modern design, less is more. Not only does this concept apply to your cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures, but it applies to your personal possessions as well. While you don’t want your home to be devoid of personal touches, you should strive to add those touches through functional design choices, such as sophisticated bar stools, unique pendant lights, or colored backsplashes rather than through knick-knacks and other space-consuming accessories. During the design phase, you should also work in a storage solution for small appliances that, in many homes, clutter the countertops.

Natural Materials

Though it’s true that many modern kitchens use stainless steel, chrome, and manufactured wood, many others achieve simplicity by keeping everything au natural. In those kitchens, the stunning grain of quality oak is the focal point, and the plants, combined with the natural light, are the primary design elements. If you prefer a more organic touch, use materials, colors, and furnishings that possess a balanced mix of modern lines and natural materials and colors.

Many people associate modern design with upscale living, but the truth is that a modern kitchen aesthetic is ideal for anyone who values open space, functionality, and a clean look. If you are one of these people, base your upcoming kitchen makeover around the five elements above.

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