Medical test kits that you must have at home

by Mother Huddle Staff
Medical test kits that you must have at home

The pandemic has hit us all hard. It made us understand the value of being self-dependent. Although businesses, restaurants, and hospitals are now opening up for general public use, we still have a covid-19 infection.

Hospitals are among the most infectious places. So, instead of running to the labs and clinics to get general blood work done, you might as well test them at home. Yes, you heard it right! You can now keep a few test kits home and get instant results.

It will reduce the hassle of visiting the lab and waiting long hours for the results. Instead, a quick test at home clarifies your doubts. You may then take a teleconsultation with a specialist to further jot down a treatment plan.

This article mentions a few must-have medical test kits at home:

1. Covid-19 Test Kit

Covid-19 caused a pandemic in the world. It is infectious and contagious. Hence, it was suggested to avoid crowd interactions as possible. Medical advancements have happened since then, and they have now created a self-test Covid Rapid Antigen Testing kit for home use.

Whether or not you have covid, you must keep this at home to be on the safer side. It can be used at any place regardless of whether you have the symptoms or not. You must use the nasal swab to take the sample and get the results within 15 minutes.

It is cost-effective and saves you a lot of time. Besides, you can protect yourself from entering any infected places on purpose. Moreover, these tests can also detect omega, delta, and other variants of the SARS-Covid-19 virus.

2. Pregnancy Test Kit

It is a pre-pandemic test kit made to ease pregnancy testing for women. However, it has become essential post the pandemic. It is because there is ample infection in the outside world. Not every individual is immune to fighting them.

Therefore, you must have these pregnancy kits at home. They are reasonably priced and available at the local pharmacist. It detects the HCG hormone in the urine and confirms whether you are pregnant or not.

The results come out in 5 minutes. Various brands manufacture these kits; thus, they use different symbols to display a positive test. For instance, some may show a double line, while others have a ‘+’ sign.

3. Glucose Test Kit

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that around 11.7% of the US population suffers from Diabetes. It is a severe ailment that can cause many health complications, such as physical inactivity, high blood pressure, vision problems, etc.

Therefore, everyone needs to keep a glucose testing kit at home. They are available in many brands and types and with different features. While some can be attached to your mobile phone via an app, others do not.

You have to use the punch pen to prick a finger, use the blood on the examination strip, and insert it into the machine. You can get the results quickly and know the blood sugar levels immediately. It helps keep sugar under control by doing what is required.

Bottom line

The health of your family is your sole responsibility. Today, you have the option to leverage medical advancement. Bring home the FDA-approved test kits and follow the instructions for the best results.


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