Moving With Kids: How to Help Your Child Adapt to Their New Life

by Mother Huddle Staff

There are a number of reasons people move to a new location. You might have a new job offer, you might be moving to live closer to family, or there may be some other factor at work.

If you have children, moving with kids can be particularly frustrating because they might not want to move, or they might miss their friends. We are here to help you as you make the transition.

Continue reading this article to learn the best practices for moving with kids.

Get Yourself on Board First

If you don’t think your move is going to be a positive experience, it’s going to be hard to get your kids on board for the move. You don’t have to be 100% positive, but you do need to have a positive outlook, even if there are some drawbacks to moving.

Take Time to Prepare Your Children

Once you have yourself on board, it’s time to prepare your children by letting them know what to expect when you move. If you don’t go into detail on what their new life is going to be like, they are going to create their own story.

The story kid’s imaginations can create for them are rather scary in some cases, so don’t leave too much to the imagination for the move.

Let Kids Help With the Move

Even if you’re using a moving company, you should let your children find a way to help with the move. They can pack up some of their own things, or help you decide on something important for your move.

Letting kids help gives them a feeling of control and makes them more likely to adopt the move instead of fighting against it.

Make Your Trip to Your New Location Exciting

Whether you’re driving or flying to the new location, make the trip a fun one. If you’re going to drive to your new home, make the road trip fun by planning stops on the way.

You can stop to grab a bite to eat, or maybe there is a cool attraction where you can stop that is en route to your destination.

Design Their New Room to Be Similar to Their Old Room

Children’s rooms make them feel safe and familiar with their surroundings. While they are going to have a new room at your new home, you can make it look similar to their old room.

Even if they want a new design for their new room, you can set it up, so it functions similarly. If their bed was visible when walking through the hall, then put their bed where it is visible walking through the hall here.

You never know what small things make a child feel comfortable and safe, so try not to throw in too much change on top of the move.

Keep Their Schedule the Same

Routine is important for children to feel safe, so creating a schedule that is similar to the one you have at your current location is key. Eat your meals at the same time, have the same special days each week, and give kids something to look forward to.

Let Your Kids Tour the New Neighborhood

If you are able to take the children to the new neighborhood before you move, this can help put their mind at ease. Knowing where they will be living before they move can help them imagine themselves living there.

Preparing for the move is an important part of adjusting well, and if they already have some clues about how things will be, it will make it much easier.

If there are certain things your kids like about your current neighborhood and your future neighborhood has those things too, let your kids know about it. Even if you can’t go to your new neighborhood before you move, show them photos of the neighborhood.

Show them the town near your neighborhood as well, so they can have an idea of what is around them. This is especially important to do with older children since they are likely wondering what there is to do around the area.

Help Your Kids Stay in Touch

One of the reasons kids hate to move is because they are going to have to leave their friends. Unless your kids are homeschooled, they see some of their friends almost daily because of school.

Put your kid’s mind at ease by helping them stay in touch with their friends. Now with social media, it is easier than ever. Even if children don’t have their own social media accounts, you can befriend their parents and allow them to keep in contact through your account.

Scheduling video chats and phone calls with their friends will make them feel better about going to their new location. Let them know they will be able to tell their friends all about their new adventures.

Becoming a Pro at Moving With Kids

Now you know these important tips for moving with kids. Learning these tips will help your kids when you move, but it will also help you as you’re adjusting to your new environment.

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