Out of the Box Party Entertainers For Kids And Adults

by Mother Huddle Staff
Party Entertainers For Kids

If you’re having a party where children and adults will be there, chances are you’ll be stumped on how to entertain them. You’ll need something captivating enough for children, but entertaining enough for the adults, as well.

Both groups can be difficult to please, children might laugh at anything, but can they have their attention kept? And adults might be able to pay attention longer, but their sense of humor can be harder to please than a child’s.

Lucky for you, I have a few ways to keep both children and adults entertained at your next party.

1.) Hire Someone Famous 

First up on our list is something unexpectedly entertaining for everyone. If you hire a celebrity lookalike or impersonator for your next party, you’re bound to have a fun time. Their spot-on impression is sure to “impress” the adults and blow your children’s minds!

And if you’d rather have the real thing, you can get an actual celebrity too! In today’s day and age where Zoom is as popular as ever, you can get any celebrity to video call into your party!  

2.) Skateboarders and Bikers 

Our next item is another unexpected party pleaser. Hiring some amateur skateboarders or BMX bikers to do some sick tricks for your party will definitely be a hit amongst kids and adults! They bring their own halfpipe and gear and can perform for a while.

This is especially a hit for if your kids are just getting into riding their bikes around the neighborhood. It’s a performance they can enjoy and also relate to!

3.) Magician 

A magician is what’s known as “old reliable” in the entertainment world. A magic show will be loved and appreciated by anyone with an open mind and anyone who likes being entertained, young or old!

You can never really go wrong with a magician who knows what he or she is doing. Whether their act is simple card tricks and prop tricks, or they throw a little extra pizazz in there, your party goers will be extremely entertained from start to finish.

4.) Exotic Pet Tamer

Last up on our list is something creepy, crawly, and scaly. Having a live exotic pet show at your party will get all your attendees talking about it for weeks to come. 

These guys are trained professionals and bring animals that are domesticated and docile, but still super fun to see up close! You can get smaller animals like snakes, lizards, or other tiny creatures, or go big with some crazy exotic animals like armadillos or kangaroos!

Consider these performers at your next party to show both kids and adults a good and fun time!

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