Proven Methods for Natural Teeth Whitening

by Mother Huddle Staff

If you notice unusual stains on your teeth, you probably think of whitening as a definite way to go. Professional treatments are a great solution, but not everyone has the time to go to the dentist’s office. According to MensHealth, the market is flooded with all kinds of bleaching products and kits, which can be a great option to make your smile shinier on the go.

The solution to a great set of white teeth is often right in front of your nose. Whitening products are a great thing, but when you can’t afford them, try out proven, natural, and safe methods. Ingredients that you use every day and that you can buy in the nearby store can help you restore the brilliance of your smile.

Brush Your Teeth

Let us get this out of your head straight away; daily brushing is still the single most important step to take to keep your teeth’s whitish appearance. If you don’t brush your teeth, stains and enamel damage can occur over time. Any residues found on your teeth and inside the oral cavity will cause decay and tooth sensitivity.

So, if you want to successfully fight dental issues and staining, brush your teeth every day. There are a couple of natural products that you can use instead of commercial oral care products. One of them involves using lightly abrasive ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and/or sodium sulfate.

These components are great at removing stains from your teeth. To get a natural toothpaste, mix baking soda with water (in ratio 3:1 – i.e., one teaspoon of water with three teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate). By combining these two, free radicals are released. They dissolve the food scraps and surface deposits that cause tooth discoloration.

Another efficient home remedy you can use to prevent staining is apple cider vinegar. It’s one of the cheapest and most effective ingredients you can find. Simply brushing with a toothbrush dipped into apple cider vinegar before bedtime, and you’ll see results in the morning.

Use Fruit Peels

Besides tooth brushing, you may also want to consider some other natural methods for a radiant smile. One way is to use citrus peels, which many people claim to be very successful. Other than that, it’s a convenient and affordable method that works for everyone.

Lemon and orange peels contain powerful acids, which promote oral health. All it takes is to rub your teeth with the inner (white) part of the peel to make them brighter. This method is absolutely safe, so you can use it whenever you want.

You can use the licorice stick in the same way. This healthy candy is an excellent natural brightener. You just have to cut it in half and rub its inner part on your teeth and gums. Some research showed that this root contains a specific substance that slows down tooth decay and plaque development.

DIY Hydrogen Mouthwash

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical in liquid form that combines hydrogen and oxygen. You are probably already familiar with it, as it’s a part of most commercial mouthwashes. Since this substance is not toxic, you can also use it in the DIY variant of teeth whitening. Here is a list of other uses of hydrogen peroxide.

Always dilute 3% hydrogen with three times the amount of water for a homemade mouthwash that you can use once a day. Its effects are not long-lasting, but if you combine it with healthy habits and other DIY whitening methods, the results will be much better.

Hydrogen Soda Toothpaste

In combination with baking soda, hydrogen works in multiple ways: it cleans and disinfects the oral cavity, kills germs, and whitens teeth. The only problem with using this combination is that the results take a while. Also, this whitening solution is not something that pregnant women or those who have sensitive gums should use.

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of hydrogen until you get a thicker paste without lumps. Dip a toothbrush into the mixture and rub in small circular motions for about 2 minutes. Leave this DIY paste on your teeth for a few minutes. Hydrogen takes a while to reach food scraps and dissolve them.

Rinse thoroughly first with a brush and water, and then wash out your mouth with plain water to remove all the paste remnants. You can use this DIY paste twice a day. Still, keep in mind that fluoride paste is also needed to continue the mineralization and strengthening of the enamel.

 Turmeric Paste

The first association with turmeric is an intense yellow color that can darken your teeth rather than brighten them. But this spice can work wonders and restore the whiteness of your smile. You just have to mix turmeric with baking soda and coconut oil. These two ingredients will keep the yellowish pigments under control.

Mix 4 tablespoons of finely ground turmeric, two tablespoons of baking soda, and three teaspoons of melted coconut oil. If you don’t have it, olive oil can work too. Stir them together, and let the mixture sit for half an hour to allow the ingredients to combine.

Use as regular toothpaste, but do not rinse immediately after washing. Leave the mixture on your teeth for 2 minutes, then gently remove it with a brush and clean water.

This DIY product will make your teeth brighter by several shades and is especially useful for smokers and those who can’t start their day without coffee or tea. Besides, turmeric is an excellent antiseptic and natural antibiotic. It can heal wounds, small cracks, inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.


Who does not know the importance of having a white and healthy set of teeth? These are not only used for eating; they also represent you. You need a set of functional white teeth, but you should not neglect their aesthetic value. A healthy and white smile enhances your physical appearance and makes you look younger than your actual age. So, if you have discolored or stained teeth, you need to act now.  Follow the tips above and visit this dentist who does cosmetic dentistry in Batavia IL and you’re well on your way to prettier teeth.

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