5 Tips to Save Time in The Morning And Get Your Day Started Right

by Mother Huddle Staff

Do you spend most mornings rushing to get out the door on time? The way you start your day can affect your stress level and mindset for hours to come, significantly lowering your productivity. While your morning might seem packed, there are some simple ways to save a little time here and there and a few extra minutes can make a huge difference. If you’re looking for smart, time-saving tips, give these ideas a try to make your mornings more manageable.

1. Start by Addressing Your Evening Routine

If you’re struggling to get out of the bed and get moving, it’s probably a sign that you’re not getting the right amount of rest. How you spend those last few hours before bed can have a major impact on your first hours the next day. Establish a healthy nighttime routine to help your body maximize rest time. With improved sleep, you should feel more energetic and focused in the morning.

2. Make Your Coffee at Home

It’s estimated that over 80 million Americans purchase their coffee outside of the home. While it may seem more convenient to just stop while you’re already on your way to work, it can actually take much longer than making it fresh yourself. This is especially true if you use single-serve cups like Keurig coffee pods. In addition to saving time, you can also save some serious cash long term.

3. Skip Social Media

Research has shown that the human brain is much more focused and productive if it starts the day with output instead of input. That means skipping those morning traditions of checking the news and even skimming through social media can help your brain. Not only will you add minutes back to your morning, but you’ll also get more accomplished as you start your day. Habits like these can be hard to break, so use a helpful app to make the change and try to replace the activity with a positive alternative.

4. Prep Meals and Outfits Ahead of Time

If you can develop the habit of preparing your lunches and choosing your outfits the night before, you can make a huge impact on your morning. While it may seem like a simple change, it can play a significant role in improving your health, boosting your savings and reducing stress. Some people claim that evening preparations can also help you sleep better at night when you know you’ve taken care of the details beforehand.

You can save even more time by prepping your breakfast and programming your coffee machine the night before. For a healthy option, fill your blender with smoothie ingredients and store it in the fridge for a quick meal the next morning. A variety of coffee k cups can also make it simple to prep your favorite travel mug so it’s ready when you are.

5. Utilize Smart Organization and Storage

How often do you waste time searching for your keys or running back into the house to find an important personal item? Creating a hub near your front door is a great way to stay organized while keeping your frequently used items in a convenient location. Designate a place for your keys, wallet, bag and phone and make a habit of using it every day. You’ll spend less time scrambling to find those misplaced items when you’re trying to get out the door. Place a small message board nearby for important notes and reminders as well.

When you make smart choices in the morning, you can set the tone for a more positive day. Give these simple tips a try to save time and improve your life.

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