Things You Should Know About School Transportation Safety

by Mother Huddle Staff
Things You Should Know About School Transportation Safety

There are many options available for getting your kids back and forth to school. Each option comes with a set of pros and cons. Parents may prefer to use different methods, such as Zum student transportation depending on the time of the year. Sometimes your child may prefer to walk to school in warm and sunny weather. Keep a few tips in mind for each transportation experience for your child to determine which route will work the best.


So many benefits come along with carpooling. It cuts down on emissions and reduces traffic congestion. It also reduces the number of cars that may be taking up space in the lanes to pick up and drop their children off. While this may not sound like a huge deal, these are relatively the main accident areas between vehicles and pedestrians and vehicles with other vehicles.

Try not to allow children to distract you while you are driving. You should also monitor the windows and seatbelts. Use extra caution when dropping or picking up your children and be sure to follow guidelines in place by the school to reduce your chances of an accident.

School Bus

There are many school districts that offer buses for students. This may be considered as the safest way to get to and from school, but there are certain precautions to take to make it even safer. Students should avoid cutting their time too close when they are headed to their bus stop. The goal is to have an ample amount of time before the bus gets there.

The bus driver is in charge, so all instructions that they give must be obeyed. Children must avoid being in the bus driver’s blind spots and only walk where they can be seen. Kids should also cross the street carefully and never run out between parked cars.


Walking to school allows your child/children to walk with siblings or friends and enables them to socialize on their way. Walking to school can also allow your child to feel independent and also gives them good exercise, which comes with great health benefits.

When walking to school, kids must also make sure that they obey all traffic laws and be taught the right way to cross the street. For example, children should look left-right-left before crossing and always stop at the curb prior. They should also use crosswalks and sidewalks and obey the crossing guard’s directions.


Another great option for children to get to school is by riding their bikes. This is also a great exercise in which they can enjoy. However, just like walking, children should obey traffic laws and practice caution when cars are near.

Additionally, children should also wear helmets and make sure that fits comfortably. Children must also be on the lookout for cracked pavement or potholes and use a bike lane is available. If a bike lane is not available, they should stay away from traffic but still go with the flow of the traffic in the direction they are traveling.

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