Kids Just Joined School? 5 Things To Keep You Busy

by Mother Huddle Staff

The scenario is all so familiar for stay at home moms. Tot finally goes to school after a few years of noise, chaos, and laughter. After dropping them off at school, you get back home to, well, nothing. Or so it seems.

For a while, maybe even a couple of days, you enjoy this time and the silence that comes with it. Sadly, it soon gets old, and boredom takes over. To preserve your sanity, it helps to find something you can do while the little one is away.

Here are some ideas.

1.  Work Out

One thing full-time moms tend to give up is self-care. After hours of wrangling one or more kids and ensuring they stick to a schedule, it’s almost impossible to find the energy to work out.

Now that you have done your job and the little one will be in school for a couple of hours every day, you can indulge in self-care. Working out is one way to do this.

The good is that you do not need to pay for an expensive gym membership to enjoy the benefits of a good workout. There are numerous exercises that do not require equipment. The internet is also awash with credible workout routines depending on what your fitness goals are.

2. Revive Your Career

You might not be ready to jump right back into your career just yet. This is understandable.

Most stay -at -home parents prefer to ensure their kids have adjusted well to school before getting back on the grid. However, as you do this, it is important to have a plan to ensure that you won’t have a hard time getting back into the scene.

Taking up a course is one thing you can do. Industries such as community development offer good job prospects and part-time and flexi-time jobs. These are an added plus for parents just going back to the corporate world.

3. Volunteer and Community Work

Getting involved with the local community can allow you to use your time, skills, and energy towards achieving some good. And not only can it benefit the recipient, but also it can help you get back out there.

If you have spent the last couple of years of your life on parent duty, you might find your social circles and networks have shrunk enormously.

By finding local organizations that might need your services, you also get to socialize, have adult conversations, get fresh air, jog your mind, and build new networks.

4. Begin Scrapbooking

If you are relatively artsy, scrapbooking can be a fun and creative activity to while away the hours. That aside, you can end up with a treasure that you and your partner will enjoy looking at over the years.

Find photos, souvenirs, trinkets, and other sentimental items that your family holds dear to get started. Then think of stories to tell and create themes around them. You will, of course, need a scrapbook album to house your momentos. Remember to make notes and dates over the pages to help document the memories better.

 5. Learn a Hobby

With the internet and millions of tutorials available online, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether it’s cooking or baking, or sewing or writing, or journaling, you can learn virtually anything from the comfort of your home.

Think about what interests you, and hit the web.

Final Thoughts

Your child leaving home does not call for an empty and lonely time. Take the reins and turn this period into an exciting time of self-rediscovery and self-care. After the sacrifices you have made for them so far, you owe yourself some fun.

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