The Advantages of VOIP Phone Service

by Mother Huddle Staff

Internet access and infrastructure have grown immensely in the last several years to become a common part of everyday life. The internet was envisioned as a way to keep people connected and because of that, it is no surprise that people can now make use of their internet connection to make free internet phone calls. VOIP technology is very convenient and by knowing more about it, you can feel as comfortable as you would using a traditional landline.

What Is VOIP?

VOIP or voice over Internet protocol refers to the process of using an internet connection as a way of transiting a phone call. When using a VOIP phone service your voice is transmitted via your internet connection and through a VOIP service provider who does the work of establishing the call and transmitting voice back and forth through internet data.

Advantages of VOIP Phone Service

  • Lower Costs: a traditional landline service is very expensive these days and even a basic plan without long distance can prove costly. VOIP service can range from free to subscription services far cheaper than any traditional phone plan. Also, VOIP services are flexible and if you want to invest more in your phone service you can have an assortment of advanced features to fit your specific needs.
  • Useful Features: a VoIP phone service has all the features you expect from a phone service including caller ID, voice mail, call blocking, call forwarding, and more. The transition from traditional to Internet-based phone doesn’t mean you have to change how you interact with phone calls.
  • International Features: an overlooked advantage of VOIP service is international calling. On traditional phone plans, international calls can be quite costly. Many VOIP service providers offer international calling at cheap rates and that includes service providers who offer free calling in North America making a versatile service all the more useful.
  • Accessibility: a VOIP phone service can be accessed from a traditional phone, through your computer, or via a free calling app installed on your cell phone. This broad range of accessibility means you can use a VOIP phone service in a way that you feel comfortable with and also can change how you make phone calls to fit changing circumstances.

Final Thoughts

The above advantages are only a few of the advantages VOIP phone service offers and with practice, you’ll soon wonder why you didn’t make the switch before. With a wealth of features, flexibility, and costs as low as free VOIP service is a practical home phone service solution.

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