The Perfect Wording for Your Party Invites

by Mother Huddle Staff
The Perfect Wording for Your Party Invites

Are you throwing a party for your son’s first birthday? Or perhaps a celebration of your 50th wedding anniversary?

Regardless of the occasion, you need to send party invites to your friends and loved ones. And if you’re wondering which type of invitation works best, paper invitations still get the job done.

Do you have a design in mind? Good. But you still need to put the right words. You need to know the details to write, as well as their proper arrangement.

Continue reading below and let’s look into the anatomy of a perfect party invitation.

Putting the Right Words in Your Party Invites   

As we mentioned earlier, an appealing design is good; but it is not enough. You need to put the right wording for that perfect invitation. Let’s take a look at the elements of good party invites.

The Host and Guest of Honor

Start by introducing the name of the host/celebrant and the guest of honor. If it’s a birthday party, you can write “It’s John’s Birthday!” at the top part of the invitation.

If the host is different from the celebrant, you also need to put his or her name. You can write “Mr. and Mrs. Cullen request your presence on their daughter’s 18th birthday celebration.”

The Occasion

After writing the important names, indicate the reason for the occasion. You can put specific details like the birthday of the celebrant.  You can also write the number of years if the occasion is an anniversary.

The Date and Time

Now that they know what the event is all about, you can write down the time and venue. The key is to be specific. Indicate the exact date and time.

You can also include a timeframe like. This will help your guests manage their respective schedules. You can go along the lines of “Ruth’s birthday celebration is on Saturday, August 5, from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.”

The Venue

Now follow it up with the party’s venue. You need to indicate the complete name and location of the venue. Never assume that your guests already know the place even if it is a popular one.

You can write something like “Paul’s party is at Restaurant ABC, at 998 Atherton Place, Maintown.”


In the event that you wish to secure a definite headcount of the guests, save some space for RSVP at the bottom. Just write the name and contact details of the person they can RSVP to. You can put something like “Please RSVP to Dianne, 203-111-4444.”

Additional Reminders

Lastly, you can also include some additional reminders. In this portion, you can mention the dress code, if there is one. You can also write special instructions for sleep-overs and pool parties.

In case you are having a hard time with the design of your invites, you go online for inspiration. You can also download an online party invitation maker app.

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Proper wording works hand-in-hand with an eye-catching design. Combine these two and turn your party invites into a bang.

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