Top 10 Tips for Being a Stylish Mom

by Mother Huddle Staff
Top 10 Tips for Being a Stylish Mom

Being a mom can be a full-time job, and having a full-time day job on top of that may change the priority list quite drastically. Taking care of children, doing all the tasks your work requires, managing time, doing all those errands may not leave that much time for your style and fashion.

However, we believe that you deserve to feel good, look good, and be that stylish mom no matter what. Here you will find 10 tips that will come in handy when time seems to be running away from you.


Hands indeed are seen way more often, but the nails also chip easier, and the nails grow faster. And finding time for appointments every two weeks may not be something you want to commit to. However, having a fresh pedicure is the best option for a bit of me-time.

Dry Shampoo

No time for a bath or shower? No need. The world of dry shampoos is booming, and you will easily find the best option to fit your hair. It will add that volume while also keeping it fresh looking and smelling divine, and if you have dark hair and worry about the residue, choose a shampoo in color fitting your hair – touch up for roots and shampoo – all in one.

Your Hair Journey

Let’s continue the hair theme. Spending a bit of extra time to learn about your hair type will save you a lot of time in the future. Finding the proper hair-care regime will not only make your hair healthier but the right haircut and care will allow you to leave your house without spending time styling them or looking like a mess. Healthy hair will quickly become your best accessory.

Planning the Outfits

The best way to save time in the morning is to plan your outfits in the evening or weekend. Plan what you will wear, prepare all the options, and you will no longer find yourself running outside with an old t-shirt and pants that just were close by. If the perfect clothing option is easy to access, you will always look amazing, even if you just spend all of the morning trying to dress up your toddler.

Sneakers. All the Sneakers

We surely appreciate high-heels, and we love them for a night out, but let’s talk about sneakers. The world is full of them. All sizes, styles, colors – all you could need is right there. You can wear them with power suits, skirts, jeans, dresses… The possibilities are endless, and your feet will be thankful.

Cute Protective Phone Case

Calling a doctor, managing work, running errands, all the times your phone is either by your side or most likely in your hands. And as it is in your hands that often, make it your best accessory with a stylish and protective phone case. At Burga, you will be able to find over 100 designs that are guaranteed to keep your phone safe and will turn your phone into a stylish statement piece.

Clothes That Last

Fashion is constantly changing, and getting those fast fashion clothes is tempting until they shrink, fade, and almost disappear after a few washes. Raising kids means that the food and other not-so-appealing things will get on your clothes. It is better to invest in clothes and to know that they will withstand even the 6 washes in one week. Also, jeans are not only durable, but they will allow you to have all the mobility. Therefore you will be able to join your kid in all those games!

Take care of Your Skin

No need to spend an hour that you already do not have to apply makeup. Better take some time, go to see a cosmetologist, and find out what your skin needs. You might be surprised what the right products can do, and in the end, you might not need that much makeup at all. Being confident is easier when you are glowing!

Pick the Color Scheme

Another way to always look amazing quickly is to find the color scheme you love the most and organize your clothes accordingly. This way, you will avoid those misfit clothing pieces that never find a way into your outfits. Also, suppose they all can be mixed and matched. In that case, you will have endless outfit possibilities, but choose a different color for your options for nights out and all those events and separate everyday life from the celebration!

Get Rid of the Maybe Clothes

If you still find yourself overwhelmed with choices, simply take a good look at your wardrobe. That dress from 2005 might have looked amazing then, but have you ever pulled it out after then? If you have not touched some clothes in the past few years, it might be time to get rid of them or transfer them to your attic or garage.

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