Top baby travel essentials you shouldn’t forget about

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Top baby travel essentials you shouldn’t forget about

Of course, every parent is looking forward to the first trip with the baby with impatience and apprehension. On the one hand, they can’t wait to finally break out of the usual fuss and replace the traditional day with long-awaited walks along the embankment and breathe in a forgotten breath of sea air. And on the other hand, it’s scary to travel with a baby so far from home, because anything can happen.

So now we are going to tell you how to prepare for the trip, what to take on the road, and how to make the first trip as comfortable as possible for both parents and the child.

Everything for feeding

Is feeding time always a problem when you travel? Missing bringing containers and other feeding essentials can be a disaster, so have everything at hand. Make feeding time a breeze by preparing the following things:

  • Sippy cups

Don’t forget the sippy cups. It is indispensable for children who have not learned yet to drink from an ordinary cup. With such a drinking cup, the mom can be sure that the baby will not get dirty and will not spill all the contents on himself.

Choose products like bbox sippy cups that are BPA-free with an innovative weighted straw moving with the liquid regardless of the angle the cup is tilted to. Look for a sippy cup with a unique two-way valve. This feature will ensure no leaks and easy drinking. Finding one with easy grip handles and flip top lids ensures this cup becomes your little one’s hydration companion.

  • Dishes for the road

A bottle with a spoon is a convenient way to feed your baby on the road with mashed potatoes or a mixture and not get dirty. It’s all about a special design, which consists of a soft bottle with a spoon at the end. You just need to put a little pressure on it, and the food will fall straight into the spoon along a convenient groove. An unbreakable bowl with a lid is another convenient option for traveling. After all, in such a container you can store food for a baby of any consistency and not worry that it will spill: sealed lids will reliably protect against leakage.

  • Bib with a pocket

It will save parents from frequent changes of clothes after feeding: a convenient pocket will catch everything that has passed by the mouth. This travel essential helps avoid the unnecessary mess when you’re feeding your baby anywhere.

  • Baby food

It is probably possible to provide the baby with jars of the usual mashed potatoes for the whole vacation, only if you travel by car: they are heavy and bulky. But mixtures, porridges, and mashed soups are ideal for long journeys: they do not take up much space, weigh almost nothing, and are prepared very simply: you just need to add water or milk.

  • Snack container

Another convenient accessory on the road that will help even the youngest tourist to eat on their own and at the same time not to scatter anything. The special design of the lid will not allow the child to gain more than he can hold in the hand.

  • Milk storage containers

It is very convenient. You pump milk into them in advance, and when the baby gets hungry, you simply connect it with a feeding nozzle.

Everything for hygiene and baby care

Maintaining proper baby grooming and hygiene is crucial to ensure your baby doesn’t catch any ill-causing germs when you travel. Take a look at the following hygiene and baby care items you need:

  • Diapers and diapers

It is enough to take a small pack of diapers for the first time: after all, diapers can be bought in any supermarket.

  • Diaper cream

Protects the baby’s skin from diaper rash and irritation.

  • Wet wipes

They are needed always and everywhere, for adults and children of all ages. They will help out if you need to change a diaper, wipe the remnants of food from the face and clothes. For older children, it is better to take antibacterial wipes — they are convenient to wipe dirty hands. Special wipes for child supplies and food will also come in handy on the trip. With their help, you can wipe fruits, and dirty toys at any time and in any place.

  • Sunscreen

It is necessary for trips to hot countries to protect the child’s skin from burns, redness, and moles. It is selected according to the age of the child and the phototype of the skin.

  • Mosquito repellent

Mosquito protection products (sprays, mosquito creams, child bracelets, anti-mosquito nets on the stroller for the youngest), and medications after a bite.

  • Dental care

A toothbrush and toothpaste will be needed for a child over two years old since the dentists recommend starting to brush the teeth from this age. For younger children, special wipes for the oral cavity are suitable. Using them is very simple: put a napkin on your finger and wipe gums and teeth.

  • Shampoo and soap

When going on the road, do not forget to take shampoo and liquid soap, which you usually use at home. This is especially true for children who are susceptible to allergic reactions. In order not to drag the whole bottle, pour the product into a compact travel tube.


Babies and toddlers get easily bored. Nothing should stop your fun-filled bonding while traveling with your baby. Hence, you can provide the following entertainment tools when you travel to avoid the fuss:

  • Games on the road

Educational multifunctional toys will help to brighten up the long hours of waiting on the road. It will be really great if they also don’t take up a lot of space. These can be soft books, educational boards. Older children will like travel kits and books with tasks and puzzles, board games of the road format. With them, time will definitely pass faster and more fun.

  • Active games

So that the child does not get bored on vacation, take something for outdoor sports games, for example, an inflatable ball. It weighs practically nothing and takes up little space, but it will give a lot of positive emotions and fun to both children and adults.

  • Accessories for swimming and water activities

Going to the sea, do not forget about inflatable toys, water pistols, circles, masks, glasses, and other accessories for swimming.

  • Sets for playing with sand

As the practice shows, all these sand sets, shovels, molds are adored not only by children but also by adults. After all, with their help, you can not only bake cakes but also build real sandcastles.

Transportation of the baby

Babies need special transportation equipment to keep them safe on trips, such as the following:

  • Stroller

A stroller is an indispensable thing on vacation with a child. It will help out more than once, starting from the tedious waiting at the airport, where queues are everywhere, and ending with walks around the city, to the beach and back. They are convenient, lightweight, multifunctional, and comfortable. In a stroller, the baby will be able to sleep and rest.

Before the trip, check that you have useful accessories: baby bags @peekaboobaby, a raincoat, an anti-mosquito net, a blanket, and wheel covers.

  • Slings

It will help out during the trips with kids if it is not very convenient to use a stroller: for example, during a trip on public transport, walking on a sandy beach, or if the baby does not like to sit in a stroller for a long time.

Beachwear and shoes

Make your baby fashionable by completing the best beachwear and shoes, which include the following items:

  • Headdress

A mandatory item is that the baby does not overheat in the sun and does not get sunstroke. There are many options for hats for the summer: hats, caps, baseball caps, bandanas. Give preference to products made of natural materials and those models in which the child will be most comfortable. It is desirable that the headdress covers the head, neck, and ears of the baby.

  • Flip flops

The most comfortable shoes during a vacation at sea: they are comfortable walking on hot sand and stones. Easy to clean, dry quickly.

  • Swimming clothes

We are talking not only about classic swimsuits and swimming shorts but also about special clothing that protects against harmful UV rays.

  • Towel on the beach

This is necessary even for the smallest. After all, babies have not developed a thermoregulation system yet. So they quickly cool down in the water and then warm-up for a long time. A bathrobe or a beach towel will quickly fix the situation and warm the baby.

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