Virtual Tutoring Can Help Students Succeed

by Mother Huddle Staff

The influx of virtual learning students has placed a strain on the education system. Children who would have been able to ask a teacher in class for help with their work have to rely on virtual options to get that help. For some, simply being able to function in the online learning environment provides a challenge. This is where virtual tutoring can help.

What is Virtual Tutoring?

Virtual tutoring puts the student in a one-on-one situation with a tutor who can help them with the schoolwork that’s troubling them. The one-on-one attention is important because the tutor can find out what motivates the child so they can help them to engage with the schoolwork. This is often more effective than having to sit through hours of online classes because the tutor can work directly with the child.

Virtual tutors can utilize a vast array of methods to help the children. One of the most important is that they can allow the student to lead the session. Some students might be too shy to ask questions in an online group, but they may be more comfortable talking to the tutor in the individualized session.

Who can Virtual Tutoring Help?

Just about any child can benefit from virtual tutoring. Some individuals might not realize that students from lower-income households are often forgotten. These are students who might attend schools that underresourced and that don’t have the ability to offer the personalized attention that the students need.

Unfortunately, these students are also ones who might not have the readily available technology that enables them to work with a virtual tutor. With many schools turning to virtual learning, some of those underprivileged students might have access to equipment and the Internet so they can work with a virtual tutor.

Another benefit to hiring a virtual tutor is that parents can likely find a tutor who can work on a schedule that fits the child’s needs. This can help to ensure that the child doesn’t have to miss out on activities they’re involved in and they can still get the assistance that they need to keep up in school.

How Can Parents and Tutors Enhance the Benefits?

Parents and tutors are two of the keys that must work together to improve the potential success of virtual tutoring sessions. They must work as a team to ensure that the child is giving the sessions the necessary attention. One way to do this is to set goals for the child’s progress and to monitor that progress. Setting up innovative options for the student can also help.

The current state of the country is one that is forcing parents and educators into a tough position. Prior to the mass influx of online learning, there were already vast differences in the quality of education from one school to another, even within the same district. Parents now realize that they have the ability to level the field for their children by providing them with quality virtual tutoring sessions that help them to learn the subjects that they need so they can thrive in life.

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