4 Ways To Cook Pizza Your Next Family Night

by Mother Huddle Staff
4 Ways To Cook Pizza Your Next Family Night

Pizza is one of the most recognizable dishes in the world. And if you went to different local pizza parlors growing up, you probably have eaten different types of pizza before (including the controversial Hawaiian).

But the one thing that tops them all would be homemade pizza.

There is just something about making your food, especially during your family night. So in this article, you will learn four ways to cook pizza.

Oven-Only Method

Typically, most people make homemade pizzas in an oven with a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can prepare your ingredients and assemble your pizza as the oven heats up. It should be ready to use once you finish prepping your dish.

Depending on what’s available, you can cook your pizza on a silicone baking mat, a stoneware pan, or an aluminum cooking sheet. After 20 minutes, your pizza should be ready.

Wood Burning Ovens

Almost everyone will agree that if you want to have an authentic Italian pizza, you’ll need to cook it in a wood-burning oven. You can’t deny the unique and distinctive taste you get from your pizza when you use wood-burning ovens. There is something about the intense heat from the open flames that no other methods can replicate.

If you don’t have a wood-burning oven, you can check out https://www.lapiazzawoodovens.com/ to see what can fit in your home.

Grilling Method

It sounds a bit absurd, but grilling your pizzas can give you amazing results, like a nice crispy blistered crust that is smoky. Plus, you won’t heat up your house on warm summer nights.

When grilling your pizza, it’s essential to clean and oil your grits. So the dough does not stick. Prep all your toppings and sauce, and cook the dough on one side for a few minutes. Once it pops and blisters, flip it on a baking sheet and put your sauce and toppings on the cooked side. Return your pizza to the grill and finish cooking.

Toaster Oven Method

This method is typically what college students use to cook quick and easy pizzas. Once you’ve prepared everything, simply slide in your pizza and bake for about five minutes. If you want to cook longer, check every few minutes to ensure it does not burn.

Some Tips in Cooking Homemade Pizza

Typically you only have to prepare three key ingredients to make pizza – dough, toppings, and sauce. So here are a few tips to help you out.

The Type of Flour

There are plenty of types of flour in the market. But the best one to use for pizza dough is bread flour.

Most would agree that all-purpose flour is okay since it is cheaper. But if you want a crispier crust on your pizza, it would be best to choose bread flour since it is higher in gluten.

Measuring your Flour

Cup measurements can vary depending on how you scoop it. So it would be best to measure your flour in weights. This way, you’ll get a more accurate measurement.

Your Sauce and Toppings

Traditionally, people use tomato sauce for their pizza. But there have been people using other types of sauce for their pizza.

For your toppings, it’s up to you what you want on your pizza. But there are toppings that you need to cook first, like raw meat. So it would be best to cook your toppings before you put it on top of your pizza.


Family pizza night is one of the best ways to bond with your family. And if you want it to be more special, don’t get your pizza delivered to your home. Instead, make one from scratch using the methods above to make it more special.


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