12 Best Gifts For Pet Lovers

by Mother Huddle Staff
Gifts for pet lovers

On this planet, you get to meet two kinds of people. You have the pet lovers who live for their furry friends, and then there’s everyone else. Pet lovers are in a whole different league. Unlike others, their phones are always filled with their pet’s pictures, spend their day-offs cuddling with them, and use at least half of their money to shop for pet stuff.

If you know someone who is a pet lover, they would most likely appreciate getting a gift that puts a spotlight on their pet. However, this can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have much idea about their pet.

Hence, this article aims to present you with some gift ideas you can wrap for the pet lovers in your life. From pet toys, pet-themed clothing, to tasty treats—here are twelve gift ideas that both pets and pet lovers will surely appreciate:

1. Customized Pet Socks

Most pet lovers often revolve their time around their dog or cat. Giving them a gift that shows off their dog or cat’s face is something they definitely won’t mind. So, consider giving them their very own customized pet socks printed with their dog or cat’s face all over them. Now they’ll have these cute pair of pet socks they can wear when cuddling with their pets. They can also show their love for their pets from head to toe.

2. Plush Cuddle Toy

For pet lovers who can’t get enough of their pet’s cuteness and huggable fur, now’s the perfect time to give them something they can bring to bed (or literally anywhere). You can get them plush cats or cuddle dog toys. These lifelike plush toys will be a perfect addition to their bedroom, living room, or even their car if they want to bring something that represents their pet.

3. Customized Pet Portrait

Your friend has probably shown you hundreds of pet pictures from their phone. Maybe they’ve also printed some of them and put them into frames. But one thing they probably don’t have yet is a painted portrait of their pet. Impress your pet lover friend by surprising them with a customized pet paint portrait, immortalizing their beloved pet’s face.

4. Pet Window Hammock

If your friend’s got a small pet (e.g., cats or small dog breeds) they often keep indoors, this gift may be a perfect addition to their pet’s furniture. This pet window hammock can be attached to their glass windows through suction cups. Their small dog or cat can then climb into the window hammock and watch the outdoor view.

5. Pet Candles

These pet-inspired candles will surely blend well with your pet lover friend’s home. You can choose between cat soy candles or dog candles inspired by different dog breeds. Just make sure to pick something that fits the type of pet they have.

6. Pet Travel Bag

For pet lovers who always love traveling with their pets, a pet travel bag is probably the most functional gift you can give them. You can include more stuff inside for more surprises like portable food bowls, poop-bag dispensers, and portable pet toys.

7. Pet-And-Parent Matching Shirts

best gifts for pet lovers

Who says matching shirts are only for dating couples? Pets and their pet owners can also have matching costumes. You can choose costumes fit for Halloween, Christmas, or anything that reflect your friend’s favorites. Wearing a matching outfit with their pets can also be an excellent way to show off to the world how strong their bond is.

8. Personalized Pet Treats

Pet lovers already have plenty of pet food stock at home. Give them something better with these personalized pet treats that can even feature their pet’s name.

9. Custom Pet Mug

Complete their mug collection by giving them a custom pet mug that features their cat or dog’s picture or name. Your pet lover friend will surely love enjoying their cup of coffee while holding onto their custom mug.

10. Pet Life Jacket

This will surely be a priceless gift for pet owners with dogs who love to swim. Even if their dogs are good swimmers, a pet life jacket will still be required if they want to take their pets on boat trips or have senior pets who need extra support when swimming. Many pet life jackets also feature a top handle so your friend can easily lift their pet out of the water when needed.

11. Customized Phone Case

Help your pet lover friend express their love by gifting them a personalized phone case featuring their dog or cat’s picture. Everywhere they go, people can tell that this phone user is an avid cat or dog lover.

12. Tail Teaser Training Toy

This pet toy can be a perfect alternative for pets who love to chase squirrels or rats. Some people call this the flirt pet toy, designed to lure pets to chase their tails as a form of playtime and exercise.

Wrapping Up

Now you have these new gift ideas to consider whenever you need to buy something for the pet lovers in your life. So, when you go gift shopping, just remember that you’ll never go wrong with pet-themed items.

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