The Best Gifts For Quilters and Sewers – 2020 Guide

by Elowen
The Ultimate Gift Guide For Expert Sewers

If you’ve found yourself here chances are you know a quilter or sewer and would like to buy them a present. Well isn’t that nice! Thing is, if it’s not your thing, or even if it is your thing, buying for crafty types can be a real head-scratcher. Don’t you worry, because I’m here with a comprehensive, curated list of nice things to buy for the sewer or quilter in your life.

Some of the items I’ve listed below would make lovely stand-alone gifts, whilst others would be better made into a gift basket. Doesn’t that sound like a special thing, a gift basket of craft supplies! I’ve also listed a few items that are a bit pricier, in case you’re looking to spend a bit more for an extra-special occasion. I’ve split them into a few groups to help you navigate to exactly the sort of gift you’d like to give.

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Multi-purpose Quilting Clips

Multi-purpose Quilting Clips

$7.64 | (was $20.99, now 64% off)

Oh aren’t these adorable!? They’re also extremely useful, especially where precision is required (i.e. piece quilting or tailored garments) or when dealing with very delicate fabrics. I’ve worked with multiple silk brocades and every time you put a pin in them you’re running the risk of permanently damaging your fabric, so these little clips are just marvellous. I especially like the multiple sizes in this tin, and the tin itself is lovely.

You need to know that sewers come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer traditional methods like using seam rippers, while there are others who adore sewing scissors. If you’re giving something for the latter, then go with PENTA ANGEL’s 3-pc multicolor set. Its blades are made out of high carbon steel, which makes it a versatile cutting tool that can also be used around the house. It can easily cut through threads and yarns without damaging the fabric, unlike with seam rippers. You can give the whole set as a gift, or you can choose to keep one for yourself!

A chef’s greatest tool is his knife, which is akin to how dressmakers and sewers need an excellent pair of shears. A good sewer would not be caught dead with a cheap pair of shears. Luckily, Gingher’s pair is quite affordable but can still provide almost the same quality of cutting as high-end ones. This is perfect for the hobbyist who wants something that can last them for a long time!

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

$19.99 | (was $29.99, now 33% off)

Aside from being a travel essential, mini irons are a must-have for sewers. It literally helps iron out kinks on the go, ensuring that finished pieces come out looking top-notch instead of wrinkly and ugly. This steam iron from Steamfast comes highly recommended for a variety of people, as it’s a straightforward item. It heats up within 15 seconds, has a 1.4oz water tank, and has three temperature settings. It also comes with a 2-year warranty!

Dritz 3009 Quilting Pins

Dritz 3009 Quilting Pins

$10.56 | (was , now off)

When quilters do use pins, they are likely to reach for specialty quilters pins, which are very short when compared dress-making pins. They’re sturdy little things, nice and sharp, and when you’re making a large quilt block you’re going to need quite a few, so this is a handy little pack of 500.

Button Head Sewing Pins

Button Head Sewing Pins

$6.90 | (was $7.99, now 14% off)

Sewing pins are longer than quilters pins, and I especially like the ones with larger, flat, heads as they’re easier to remove as you’re sewing, but allow your fabric to remain flatter than when using the round-head sewing pins.

Magnetic Pin Cushion

Magnetic Pin Cushion

$24.94 | (was $29.94, now 17% off)

‘Now where to put those pins… Oh heck, I dropped one, everyone wear shoes at all times until I find it!’ If this is at all familiar then you’re going to love this pin cushion! Not only can you find dropped pins by just waving it around the area until the magnet snaps the little dickens up, but this neat little pin holder actually arranges your pins around the edges of the ‘cushion’ making it easier to grab a pin when you need it.

When you’re sewing on the go – hemming for instance – you don’t want to be reaching over to your table constantly, so this little magnetic wrist pin cushion is perfect! The other wonderful thing about this sort of pin organisation over traditional cushions is every time you’re not pushing your pin through fabric is a time where it’s not being dulled. You want your pins as sharp as possible, but organised and accessible, so this is fantastic.

Fabric Pattern Weights

Dritz 607 Fabric Pattern Weights, 4-Count

$13.11 | (was $13.99, now 6% off)

When cutting out a pattern, these little fabric weights are great for keeping your fabric and patterns in place as you draw or cut around them, without using pins which can alter the lay of your fabric which can be detrimental when you’re cutting something that needs to be highly precise.

When it comes to scissors, you want them as sharp as Oscar Wilde’s wit with the longevity of a Shakespearian play, one of the Henrys maybe… These are the best scissors (technically shears) for sewing and quilting because of many reasons which all boil down to these being made so very well. They also aren’t very heavy and have a rubberised grip which is extremely important for the long-term health of your hands!

You don’t want to have to get your scissors every time you need to cut a thread, which is where these little snips come in handy. They’re sharp, durable, and have a lifetime guarantee!

P.LOTOR Pinking Shears

Pinking Shears, P.LOTOR 9.3

$12.69 | (was , now off)

Growing up I had no idea what pinking shears were for, so I used to use my mother’s to cut nice zig-zag paper… Ooops. They’re so useful and would certainly make for a thoughtful gift indeed. But no cutting paper!

Quilters rulers are wonderfully useful things that all sorts of sewers can make use of. I don’t have a set yet but they’re on my wish list!

Mr. Pen French Curve Set

Mr. Pen- French Curve, Large Circle Template and Ellipse Template

$8.99 | (was $17.99, now 50% off)

French curves are so useful when you’re patterning anything with a rounded edge, like the top of a sleeve. My set is similar to this one in that there’s many different sized curves to choose from and it’s a great tool to have to hand.

Rotary cutters are fantastic for cutting nice straight lines, and cutting fabric with a long pile like faux fur. What I love about this one is the safety lock – safety first when it comes to sharp cutting implements – and the ergonomic hand-friendly handle. The five extra blades is a nice touch, too.

ZERRO Self-Healing Cutting Mat

ZERRO Self Healing Cutting Mat 24 x 36

$38.24 | (was $44.99, now 15% off)

For so many reasons these are fabulous things to have in any craft room. I could go on and on about all the different ways these are great, but instead I’ll simply leave it at this; It’s a great gift!

Isn’t this pretty! I have a few different sewing baskets, but this one is especially nice. Sometimes in the evening it’s just the nicest thing to drag a bit of hand-sewing into the lounge room and watch Jeopardy with my husband while I get a few things mended or what have you, and these little sewing baskets are perfect for holding all the bits and pieces you need for just that.

You’d be amazed how many teeny tiny bits and bobs you accumulate when you’re a sewer or quilter. SO many. This is perfect for keeping all of those things neat and organised and in the one place so that you’ll actually remember where they are and not spend an inordinate amount of time just looking for the things you need.

Ergonomic Seam Ripper

Ergonomic Seam Ripper

$6.85 | (was , now off)

Most sewers will already have a seam ripper, or quick-unpick as I’ve always known them by, but what’s special about this one is the big ol’ ergonomic handle. It’s worth investing in a tool that’s gentle on your hands, because no matter now good a sewer you are, you’ll need to use a seam ripper every now and then, so this makes for a very thoughtful gift.

I really haven’t done a lot of quilting yet. I’m pretty much at the pre-beginner phase. I’d love to quilt, to sew beautiful things for my family, but I haven’t got there yet, and I don’t have the time to go and take a class, so a kit like this would be a dream!

Oh my hands are itching to get a hold of this set. This is something that might not seem appealing to non-crafters, but trust me when I say ‘OoooOOOooo’

I would personally wall mount this, which is fabulous for a number of reasons. One, it’s pretty, two, you have all your threads easily accessible, and three, it is so very space efficient! Perfect trifecta for a special gift indeed.

This is another item that non-sewers will look at and think ‘what on earth is that for’ and from what sewers have been saying, what isn’t it for! But seriously, it’s a wonderful little tool that the crafter in your life will love!


Sew Pro 4G Vintage Sewing Machine USB

Sew Pro 4G Vintage Sewing Machine USB

Price not available | (was , now off)

This is such an adorably kitschy little thing, isn’t it? With a great many sewing machines on the market that have a USB port for adding stitch and embroidery patterns, this would be the perfect device to use in such a circumstance! Bonus, you’d never have to wonder which USB had your sewing things on it!

I have one of these and get compliments on it all the time! It’s a darling little brooch, and I have mine on my Winter coat lapel all the time.

I would just love a set of these! Often you’ll want a few sewing books and resources close to hand while you’re working on a particular project, and these adorable bookends are the perfect way to ensure those resources are neat and organised until they go back into the bookshelf.

This is a really cute way to (impermanently) put your crafty stamp on the walls of your crafty space! Very cute indeed and very considerate if you’re unable to hang anything or make permanent changes.

Do you lose track of time while crafting? Good grief I do. This would be darling in a sewing space and look at that little pendulum! So cute and practical, which of course makes it a perfect gift.

When I saw this I really, really wanted it. Sadly it doesn’t ship to the land down-under, but perhaps one day in the future? Regardless of my pitiable fate of not having this adorable mat, it would look fabulous in the craft room of the sewer you care about!

I’ve learned that, whilst I do need to be caffeine fuelled, it’s intensely frustrating to have the project I’m working on have to be put on hold because I need to wash tea or coffee out of it. Travel mugs are perfect for crafters because they vastly reduce the possibility of drink related mishaps or drinking cold coffee because you forgot you had a coffee for the last half-hour.

This is aptly named, it is crazy cute. This is such a pretty brooch that any number of crafters would love to receive. Wouldn’t it look lovely on the lapel of a Winter coat?! I want this, I must have this!


Supla 50 Rolls Of Ribbon

Supla 50 Rolls Of Ribbon

$11.99 | (was , now off)

This would be perfect to pop into a gift basket for the crafter in your life – just look at all that ribbon! There’s a total of 300 yards of ribbon in the bundle, in a variety of different types, in a variety of different colours. What’s not to love?!

Nydotd 36 Rolls Of Lace

Nydotd 36 Rolls Of Lace

$14.99 | (was , now off)

See where I’m going with this? Yes, into the gift basket! There’s just something special about having a bunch of lace in your stash, and you could gift that to the crafter in your life with this bundle. I love having things like this in my stash so that I can add to projects that might just need that little extra something, without having to plan for it in advance or wait and go get some from a shop.

Meillia 60pcs Mixed Zippers

Magnetic Wrist-band Pin Cushion

$13.99 | (was $16.95, now 17% off)

Sewing notions are so handy to have tucked away for when you need them, because they’re often so easy to forget when you go buy the things you need for a specific project. Well at least I do that. This is again a gift-basket item.

It’s Tea Time! Teapot Tape Measure

It's Tea Time! Teapot Tape Measure

Price not available | (was , now off)

Ugh, how cute is this?! I love this kitschy little precious pot of measuring. I have to have one. I love retractable tape measure and having one on your keyring is a great idea. Honestly, you’d be surprised how often crafty types want to measure something!

Sunmns 3 Rolls Elastic

Sunmns 3 Rolls Elastic

Price not available | (was , now off)

This might seem like a bit of a weird gift, but as a sewer there have been so many times that the only thing I needed to make a project was some elastic. It’s great to have a bunch of it to hand and it’s perfect to include in a gift basket.

Clover 469/W Chaco Liner

Clover 469/W Chaco Liner

$4.90 | (was $6.99, now 30% off)

I’ve used a lot of different methods of marking my fabric when cutting out patterns, and this is a really lovely one. It’s smooth and washes out easily. This is another gift-basket item, for sure.

Oooo, buttons! I love these bulk lots of buttons, there’s just so many craft projects that can make use of heaps and heaps of glorious buttons. They’re also a super fun distraction for tiny humans so you can get some sewing time in. For sure a great gift for all sorts of crafty types.


For nearly a decade this has been one of the most recommended beginner sewing machines, so if you’re looking to spoil a budding sewing enthusiast this is the machine to get them! This is a very nice sewing machine, at a very good price point, and is also flexible enough that you could complete all sorts of projects with it.

I did extensive research on overlockers (sergers to those of you in the US) before recommending one and this one is the most recommended. My personal favourite was no-where to be seen on Amazon (Elna Pro 664) but I do love Brother machines for their reliability and happily recommend this to anyone looking to really spoil a special someone.

Janome DC5100 Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome DC5100 Computerized Sewing Machine

Price not available | (was , now off)

Now if you’re looking to really, really, spoil the crafter in your life, or yourself of course, this is a highly recommended machine for the experienced sewer. There’s just so much going with this machine, and with all the reviews I’ve read online, I feel very confident recommending this machine as a very special gift.

Dritz 20420 Sew You Dressform

Dritz 20420 Sew You Dressform

$99.00 | (was $110.00, now 10% off)

Is the sewer in your life starting to get, or is already, serious about garment creation? Then this is a very special gift indeed. A dressform can really help to take a crafter’s sewing to the next level! Just remember that if you’re buying this for someone else that they do come in different sizes and you can even by a set of foam pads to further customise the shape of the dressform.

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