5 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Child a Math Tutor

by Mother Huddle Staff

Did you know that less than 1 in 3 high school students are proficient in math?

If you want to help your child excel, a math tutor can work wonders for their education.

Are you wondering if tutoring is right for your child? Keep reading to learn about 5 signs your child can benefit from working with a math tutor.

1. You Don’t Have the Time or Resources to Help Your Child

In a perfect world, every parent would have the time to sit down with their child every day and help them with their homework. If your schedule is too packed to give your child the attention they need to succeed, a tutor can come in handy. You can learn more about the benefits of online math tutoring here.

Have you ever looked at your child’s homework and had no idea what was happening on the page? Even if you can set aside some time to help, you may not understand the homework either since school curriculum can seem a lot different from when you were a kid.

2. They’re Starting to Fall Behind in School

Math is a tricky subject for lots of students because the knowledge builds on itself. If someone doesn’t understand the fundamentals, they won’t be able to grasp more complex subjects the further they move along in their education. This is why it’s important to help your child as soon as you start to notice that they’re having a hard time.

3. Your Child Develops a Negative Attitude or Bad Habits

Have you noticed that your child is lacking confidence or has a hard time concentrating? Do they get frustrated or try to avoid doing their homework? If your child starts developing bad habits or negative feelings toward math, a tutor can help them get excited about learning again.

4. They’re Working Hard But Their Grades Aren’t Changing

Even if your child is passionate about succeeding, all of their efforts might not pay off. No matter how hard some kids try, they can still struggle if they don’t understand the basics. If your child spends a lot of time on their homework but they’re still bringing home bad grades, a tutor can get to the root of their challenges.

5. Your Child Isn’t Challenged Anymore

Tutoring isn’t only reserved for kids who are struggling! If your child is a math whiz, you can take their education to the next level by giving them a challenge. For example, if your child is bored taking pre-calculus in school, a calculus tutor can help them work through a level that’s catered to their skillset.

Every Student Can Benefit from a Math Tutor

Now that you know the top 5 signs your child may need an online math tutor, you can make sure they thrive inside and outside of the classroom.

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