4 Benefits Of Using a Cartoon Portrait Artist

by Mother Huddle Staff
Human Hand drawing caricature of man

From being dubbed silly mimicry to being recognized as a universal alternative to traditional portraits, cartoon artistry is worth the conversation. This transformative creation has influenced the development of visual arts throughout the years and, more recently, cemented its presence in our modern-day commercial, educational, and entertainment spectrums. Impressive, right? Well, there’s more. Cartoon artistry has become such a  remarkable profession in the last few years that more and more people lean toward the art for corporate, social and mainstream entertainment/aesthetics.

Four compelling reasons to hire a cartoon portrait artist?

Should you get your cartoon portrait done by a professional, or would a software-edited image suffice? The answer is simple, depending on the quality you’re going for, either would do. If you’re looking for high quality, well-illustrated cartoon portraits, then your best bet would be a professional artist. However, if you’re only out for a substandard image employing the help of filters and software applications should set you straight. Nevertheless, professional cartoon portrait artists tip the scale; here’s how.

Bets on unique masterpieces

Let’s face it, penciled- and charcoaled portraits are a one-trick pony; only so much can be done with these tools to amplify a drawing. But when you take these passe elements and zhuzh them up with sophisticated design software, animations, and technologically advanced illustrators, you’ll have an out-of-this-world depiction of the subject. Such is the power of cartoon portraits; they boundlessly reimagine a matter into a vividly quirky art creation that’s unmatched.

Save some bucks

We’ll let you in on a little secret; cartoon portraits are relatively affordable. Thanks to the tools and art style leverage, these pieces tend to go a little easy on the pockets as they’re less taxing than a regular portrait. You’ll notice that the silly nature of these portraits conveniently frees the artist from fine detail mimicry leaving significant wiggle room for exaggeration and tasteful imperfection. For the artists, this means less work and time spent per piece; for you, this translates into more savings on the portrait.

Just as professional

Don’t let the cheery and lighthearted streak of cartoon artistry fool you; the craft is as professional as any other. When you book your session with a cartoon portrait artist, you should expect nothing less than the utmost professionalism; this means timely delivery, prompt communication, satisfactory results, and product value. During the initial consultation, the artists will make a point of walking you through their creative process. Bear in mind, these individuals are trained and experienced experts in their field, the outcome will no doubt meet your expectations.

Creative touch

The Monalisa is an excellent piece, there’s no arguing with that, but you know what’s cooler? A cartoon portrait of that masterpiece. Cartoon portraits are undeniably more cheerful and creative, bringing a twist to the bland old images we’ve grown accustomed to. If you’re one to challenge the conventional idea of art, a session with a cartoon portrait artist is a must-have. These art geniuses know how to reimagine an ordinary image into a fun, amusing drawing that’d beat any realistic portrait.

Final takeaway

Cartoon portraits have grown in popularity over the past years due to their versatility, affordability, and fresh perspective. But that’s not all; these livened-up portraits dot several other compelling pros that give them an edge over the plethora of drawing styles in the world of art today. For art enthusiasts, cartoon portraits are the real deal; they are unconventional yet tasteful, expressive, and creative while still maintaining their subjects’ originality. So, yes, cartoon portrait artistry will always take the win over regular portraits.

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