The 5 Best Easy-To-Learn Video Editors for Kids

by Mother Huddle Staff
The 5 Best Easy-To-Learn Video Editors for Kids

Adults and kids spend hours watching entertaining and educational video content. And when you do not have ideas about how to spend time with the use and pleasure, you can learn to edit videos. All you need is to shoot some funny footage and find decent editing software. 

If you do not know where to start, here we suggest you look at the list of top video editors. They have straightforward interfaces and will engage your child, so they create high-quality content and become professional editors in the future. 

#1 OpenShot

OpenShot is a great video editing app both for adults and children. It’s a free open-source tool with a range of editing features. You can download it on your computer and quickly learn how to use it. The intuitive user interface will guide your kid on what to do to create good videos. 

There are many fascinating functionalities like video effects, transitions, animations, music, and more. Your child won’t get bored when creating their first masterpieces. There are so many to explore and try, and everything is extremely easy. 

You can find a quick tutorial on their site and watch videos to teach your kid how to use the video editing tool effectively.

#2 Movavi

Movavi video editor is available for free download with a seven-day trial period. If you like working with this tool and seeing progress, you can buy a full version for your child. 

There’s no need for any experience to start editing. It has a simple interface and an abundance of features. You can find a lot of effects, filters, and transitions and generate awesome videos with your kid easily.

There are many instructions on their site, for example, how to add subtitles to a video free or change the video background. Your kid can learn different editing things easily without much time and effort. 

#3 iMovie

If you choose iMovie to learn video editing with your child, you will definitely not regret it and spend time having fun. Consider that it’s an iOS app for iPad and iPhone users. This tool is quite flexible and easy to use. Your kid can learn to create clips fast due to amazing templates. There are lists with examples of how to organize clips and learn different story structures.

Your kid will enjoy editing as there are many filters, effects, transitions, animations, titles, soundtracks, and pictures. Moreover, Magic Movie automatically creates an edit identifying the best parts of the footage. As you see, there’s nothing challenging in making videos with iMovie, so do not hesitate to try it. 

#4 Powtoon

The next great tool on our list is Powtoon. This program is paid, but you can choose a Lite plan to start your editing path. It’s quite easy to master and can help you make fantastic videos and presentations for school. Your kid can generate a high-quality video in minutes thanks to a variety of templates. 

What is more interesting is that your child can create their own animated characters. There’s a collection of clothing combinations, facial features, skin tones, hairstyles, and accessories. These characters can come alive with 35 different poses and expressions. A content library will give your kid a range of images, videos, and music to enhance their videos easily. 

#5 Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an excellent choice for both professional and novice video editors, and your kid can start using this program easily. If your child wants to start their YouTube channel, this video editing tool is a great option. It’s paid, so you can invest in your kid. But firstly, they should learn to edit well. 

There are many creative features and tools your child can benefit from, like animation, video effects, sound effects, animated titles, graphics, captions, and more. It’s an excellent learning platform to master color correction and grading that may help your kid get the necessary graphic design skills. 


Now you can select the appropriate editing tool for your kid and edit whatever you like. We wish you good luck and hope your child will get new skills and create great videos.

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