4 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

by Mother Huddle Staff
4 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Everyone has at least one friend who is hopelessly in love with coffee. However, unless you share the same love you might never know exactly what kind of gift to buy for them whenever a special occasion comes around. Whether it’s Christmas, their birthday, or even a retirement party, anything and everything related to coffee would make the perfect gift. Check these out for starters!

1. Personalized Coffee Mugs

This may seem a little ‘ordinary’ and you believe they must have at least one mug with their name on it or a souvenir mug from some distant land they visited on vacation. You know that many of their vacations were to places where they could tour coffee plantations, so they probably have mugs from there, right? Actually, it doesn’t matter because you can order personalized mugs online that you can customize any way you want. You could upload images that have special meanings, a favorite expression they often spout or even just a meaningless meme – to anyone but the two of you that is!

2. Single Cup Brew Station

To a coffee lover, there is nothing quite as heavenly as a good, hot cup of coffee and single cup brew stations make that possible, cup after cup after cup. The amazing thing about single cup brew stations is that you can find them with dual brewing capabilities as well. Some make a full 12 cup pot but also have a side station where you can use a pod, or refillable pod, to drink while the entire pot is brewing. Unless you are a coffee lover, you’ll never know just how hard it is to wait for a full pot to brew for that first morning cup. Some coffee makers come with a mid-pot feature where you can pour a cup before the pot is made, but that doesn’t bode very well for the strength of the coffee once you’ve taken the strongest part of the pot midstream. If you have a budget for bigger and better equipment, it’s worth it to consider automatic espresso machines as well because who wouldn’t want a fully-automated barista at home?

3. Gourmet Pods with a Twist

Whether you are gifting that coffee lover with a single brew coffee maker, or they already have one they are fond of, perhaps you’d like to gift them with gourmet pods. Glorybrew pods come in a variety of packages and are compatible with either Keurig or Nespresso pods. There is nothing like a gourmet cup of coffee sitting in front of you steaming hot just moments after you began craving one. However, Glorybrew pods are especially popular because they are compostable. In other words, they are biodegradable which means the used pod can be tossed onto the compost pile meant for this year’s garden.

4. A Barista’s Recipe Book

How many people do you know who have an espresso/cappuccino machine sitting on their counter ready to brew the perfect cup of coffee, flavored just like all those high-end coffee shops they frequent? Whether they drink a caffè mocha, caffè Americano, cappuccino or a double shot espresso, they would like to try dozens of coffee recipes they see on the daily flavors board every time they go in for their quick caffeine fix. Perhaps they’d like to try their hand at making some of those gourmet coffee drinks they’ve always wanted to try but were afraid. Give them a barista’s recipe book and watch them experiment until the cows come home!

There are literally hundreds of gift ideas for coffee lovers, but these should get you thinking. The best advice would be to give them a gift related to coffee but also something personalized for them. Whether it’s a photo, a personalized mug, or those biodegradable gourmet coffee pods you are so proud to have found, make it coffee and make it personal.

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