Tired? Here Are the Top Ways You Can Feel Fresh!

by Mother Huddle Staff
Tired Here Are the Top Ways You Can Feel Fresh!

When exhaustion is creeping up on you it’s not always easy to stay feeling fresh and free. You want your skin to feel good and you want to be able to wake up with a spring in your step. However, we’re adults and we’re trapped in an unforgiving world that makes us work long hours without earning enough money to cover the very basics. We’re here crying about not affording spaghetti AND rent in a given month, so feeling fresh and sprightly is often the last worry on the list of all lists. 

Keeping fresh? Much easier said than done. When you’re stuck in the dull ups and downs of life, there is rarely enough time for anything let alone time to make yourself feel good. However, you need to do what you can to avoid rushing out of the house at the last minute. You deserve to get through the day in one piece and you also deserve to carve out time for a facial skin treatment if you want one. Feeling fresh is a physical and a mental thing so if you’re making time for a skin treatment, you need to make time to refresh your mind, too. You need to do what you can to make your life easy and your day feel good, and we’ve got the top ways that you can start feeling fresher – now.

1. Get some sleep. The easiest and fastest way to feel fresher than ever is to get a good night of sleep. You need to recharge yourself from head to toe so put down the phone, let go of the blue light technology and start sleeping at a good hour. Not only do you need to fall asleep at a decent hour every night, you need to start making sure that you are sleeping for at least six to eight hours at a time. It’s so important that you feel well rested, and whether it’s after a long day of work or not, you need that rest!

2. Workout. Not everyone likes the idea of working out when they wake up but what a way to start the day. You get up and out early and start your day by crafting those endorphins and you will feel fresh as a daisy. You want to feel rejuvenated, alive and ready to take on anything, and working out can get you there very quickly.

3. Clean your teeth. It’s a simple thing, isn’t it? But spending a few minutes in the morning and evening brushing your teeth, flossing and using mouthwash is going to make you feel so much better. A dirty mouth can make you feel gross, and you don’t need to start your day like that. You want to feel good and it’s the smallest thing such as using the right toothbrush that can make a very big difference – and you won’t even know it until you do it!

4. Always, always eat. You are deserving of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Your body needs fuel and while it’s tempting to skip breakfast in favor of a coffee, it’s not a good idea. You want to feel fresh and a breakfast that’s rich in nutrients and heavy on protein will help you there. You want to feel more energized and less lazy, right? Don’t skip breakfast if you can help it – you need to wake up and seize the day with both hands.

5. Remember to hydrate. Keeping up with your fluid intake is an absolute must if you want to feel fresh and awake. Hydration is key so look at what you’re drinking right now and start upping that amount if possible. You shouldn’t drink more than 2 liters of water a day but if you do, it’s ok! Just not too much – hyperhydration is as bad for you as dehydration. Water will help to flush out the toxins and make your brain feel fully awake, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

Remember to hydrate

6. Vitamins. One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the right amount of fruits and veggies is to start eating them with every meal. Starting your day with fresh fruit bowls is so much better for you than bacon pancakes. As nice as bacon pancakes are, they’re not going to be great for your gut and you want to feel fresh and awake. Foods that are richer in antioxidants and vitamins like fruit and veggies will be crucial for your skin to feel fresh.

7. Continue to moisturize. Cleanse, toning and moisturizing may feel like too much to do first thing in the morning but you should always keep a tube of moisturizer handy while you can. You can bet that you’ll feel instantly fresh every time you use it. If you have a desk at work, keep some moisturizer at work as well as in your bag or at home. You want to apply it every morning and afternoon and then use a dedicated night cream before you go to sleep.

8. Keep a deodorant on you. Who wants to feel stinky? No one wants to feel stinky, let alone paranoid about it! Antiperspirant that you wear in the morning can be topped up through the day or you can add a deodorant to your work bag so that you can prevent any undue smells.

9. Buy good shoes. We don’t mean heels – though they are pretty and nice to look at – but we mean shoes that will be supportive and make your feet feel comfortable. You want to take extra care with your feet because if you’re not in bed, you’re on your feet!

10. Let go of bad habits. Are you a drinker? A smoker? Do you turn to late nights and no sleep when you’re stressed? Letting go of those bad habits is a must if you are trying to feel fresh again. Those bad habits are holding you back and you don’t have to let them!


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