Budget-Friendly Kids’ Room Design Ideas

by Mother Huddle Staff
Budget-Friendly Kidss Room Design Ideas

Every room in the house should be updated and redecorated from time to time. The same rule applies to kids’ rooms. No matter if you are designing the kids’ room for the first time or you are giving it a fresh look, you should know about some budget-friendly ideas that can help you out. Your kids’ room should be playful and safe, and it should be their favorite room in the house, so let’s see how you can decorate it without spending a fortune.

Make Your Own Storage Space

No matter how big or small this room is, it will need plenty of storage. You should focus on incorporating this storage space creatively and it should be easy for your kids to access it. You can always rely on good old storage baskets that decorate the room, too. However, if you want to be a bit more creative, you can make your own storage solutions. If you have a few tote bags that you don’t use, they can serve the amazing purpose of holding the toys. Simply hang those tote bags on the wall, low enough for your kids to reach them, and keep all the toys in them. You can even print the initials of your kids on each tote bag to keep things personalized.

Hang Art on the Walls

To truly personalize the kids’ room, a great idea is to decorate the walls. However, don’t hang up some generic photos and paintings. Rather, frame the favorite drawings that your kids made and create a small gallery wall with their works in the room. These can truly spark creativity and breathe life into the room. On the other hand, if your kids are still too young to draw, you can get them custom-made posters. There are amazing websites that allow you to customize all sorts of posters, and you can find here at Posteramo some of the most amazing designs that you can customize.

Hang Art on the Walls

Fresh Paint for Old Furniture

If you are only updating the kids’ room, you don’t have to buy all new furniture. If the furniture you have there is a bit outdated, you can easily give it a fresh coat of paint and truly change its looks. Your kids’ tastes are going to change frequently, so let them pick the colors each time you are painting the furniture. Plus, this is the most inexpensive way to update the look of the room, refresh the old furniture and work with your kids on a creative project.

Repaint the Walls

Repaint the Walls

Just like it updates the furniture, fresh paint can update the entire room. If the kids’ room is white, you can consider adding an accent wall. You can either paint it entirely in one bolder shade to provide depth and playfulness, or you can be creative with shapes. You can easily draw a diagonal line on the wall and pick two complementing shades for each half. As soon as you are done, you will notice how lively the room will become. Just make sure to stick to lighter shades, like pinks and beiges, in order to provide an airy feel.

As you can see, there are so many great ways to update the look of the kids’ room. Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this little project. Your kids’ tastes will change with each year, and you should be able to accommodate them without breaking the bank. Include them in the decision-making process and brainstorm ideas together, and the entire family will love the new kids’ room.

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