Creating a Kid’s Bedroom That Will Grow With Them

by Hannah
Creating a Kid's Bedroom That Will Grow With Them

A bedroom is an important thing for a child. It is their very own space in a home that often has many other people – parents, siblings, pets – all with their own needs, trying to co-exist, so having a space that is just their own where they can hang out when they want to relax, or have friends over or just do their own thing, is really vital to them.

So, it goes without saying that, as a parent, you want your child to have a room they love and cherish, but what you do not want is to have to be redecorating the space all the time. To do so would be expensive and time-consuming, but the good new is, with some forward planning, you can create a perfect kids’ bedroom that will take them right up to their teen years, and maybe even beyond. Here’s how:

Choose Timeless, Well-Built Furniture

It can be tempting, when you are furnishing the kids’ rooms to go for cheap IKEA furniture and stick to the latest fashions, whatever they may be, in furniture, but although there is nothing wrong with flat packs, or indeed the latest trends, you might want to think again. Consider exploring various styles of kids beds to ensure that the furniture you choose aligns with your children’s needs and preferences. Opting for versatile and durable pieces can provide long-term benefits and adaptability as your children grow.

There is a fallacy that there is no point buying quality furniture for kids’ rooms because they will wreck it before they get old enough to know better, but actually, if you invest in solid wood beds and drawers, for example, they will be fairly indestructible, and if they do get a few knocks and bumps, you can always sand and repaint them. 

Not only that, but if you choose classic styles, they will always look good no matter what trends come and go, which means your furniture really can grow with your child.

A Neutral Wall is Perfect

It can also be tempting to paint kids’ bedrooms in bold, primary colors like blue or green or fun colors like pink and lilac, because as we all know, kids love color and do not care much about style and taste! However, it is a much better idea, if you want their room to be able to grow with them, for you to choose a neutral palette instead. Off-white and cream tones, for example, are very warm and welcoming, white providing a blank canvas for the child to grow up with. You can add color and fun into the room with accessories like posters and pictures, which can be switched out as your child’s tastes change from being a Peppa Pig devotee to worshipping the latest boyband, and you won’t have to keep[ on repainting – what’s not to love?

Flexible Layouts

Flexible Layouts

Design a layout that is as fluid as your child’s imagination, ready to morph and adapt to their changing needs. You can easily do this by incorporating multi-functional furniture that serves varied purposes, easily transitioning from a play zone to a study area as your child grows. Think convertible desks, extendable beds, and adaptable storage solutions that evolve with time, and you won’t go far wrong. 

Don’t Leave Lighting Out

Choose lighting solutions that grow with your child, offering adjustable brightness levels to suit varying activities and moods, from bedtime stories to late-night study sessions if you want the room to be able to grow as effectively as possible with them. Spotlights on a dimmer switch are good for this, but you can make things more fun by also hanging strings of fairy lights or finding a cool old lamp to put in the corner. The key is to avoid things like cartoon character-branded lampshades which will date almost as quickly as your kids need new shoes.

Creative Corners

As your child blossoms and grows, so does their creativity, so it is a really good idea to give them a space where they can be creative. Yes, in the early days, it might just be messy fingerpainting but as they get older they may want to sew their own clothes or pip up a pencil and draw, and having a nurturing space that can easily transition from a play area to a hobby corner or a study nook will be a real boon to them. Equip it with adjustable shelves that can house toys today and books or art supplies tomorrow, fostering an environment that nurtures their evolving interests, and it will undoubtedly grow with them.

Theme-Fluid Wall Art

As your child steps into various phases of growth, their fascination with different themes will keep transitioning. To keep up with their changing preferences without getting into the cycle of constant repaints, how about introducing theme-fluid wall arts? Choose art frames that allow for easy interchangeability of contents. Today it might host a vibrant picture of a unicorn, and tomorrow, it might showcase a stellar depiction of the galaxy. Let the walls narrate tales that grow with them!

Technology Integration

Whether we like it or not, we are living in a tech-based age and your kids will struggle to get along in life if they do not have access to tech at least some of the time. So, it is fair to say that it would be prudent to incorporate elements in their room that can integrate with various gadgets without losing their relevance.

For example, you might want to consider installing smart shelves that can house books today and virtual reality gear tomorrow. Or perhaps a corner dedicated to evolving tech toys which transforms into a mini home theatre in the teen years. Ensuring the room is tech-friendly will ensure a long-lasting setup that’s aligned with the digital age.

Flooring That Adapts

Flooring is really important in a kid’s room because you want it to be easily washable but not too noisy and you will be able to hear them running around upstairs when you are trying to relax downstairs. As such, linoleum is often a good option as it is easy to wash even the stubbornest stains away from it, and it is good at cushioning feet too. Throw on a rug for comfort and you’re good to go.

Time to get decorating!

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