3 Tips To Help Parents Find A Criminal Defense Lawyer For Their Child

by Mother Huddle Staff
3 Tips To Help Parents Find A Criminal Defense Lawyer For Their Child

Children can sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law or may have been harmed in a criminal act. Parents are legally and ethically responsible for securing the best legal means of obtaining justice for their children. Finding a criminal defense lawyer who also specializes in juvenile cases can be a challenge especially if the parents do not have prior experience in going to court. Under the current law, parents cannot represent their children in court and need either a private defense lawyer or a public defender assigned to the case. Here are some tips for parents to find the right match in terms of a criminal defense lawyer for their child.

1. Identify The Specific Sub-Type 

Most crimes fall within a very specific category while criminal law itself can be a huge discipline. When you are searching for a lawyer to represent your child, try to find one who specializes in the types of crimes that pertain to your own case. This type of specialization on the part of the lawyer will ensure better communication and ultimately expertise and better results. Finding a criminal lawyer who has a history of positive results within a set jurisdiction can always work in your favor.

2. Passion And Personality

For criminal defense lawyers being passionate about the cause is inherently important and an empathetic, focused lawyer can take you much further than someone who is treating your child’s case as just another job. When you are having preliminary meetings with a few shortlisted candidates, take note of how involved they are with protecting your child legally and going the extra mile. 

In larger law firms that are flooded with a plethora of cases, it is hard for individual clients to be given the attention they deserve as the case details may just be handed over to a junior team of associates. A caring attorney can help parents realize the merits of good parenting as a record number of juvenile criminal cases are dependent on parents thinking it is the court’s job to discipline their child or ensure the child obtains justice. The role of excellent parenting should never be undermined in any criminal proceedings involving a child, a minor, or even a teenager.

3. Experience In Juvenile Justice Counts For Everything

Experience is a singularly important component in criminal legal proceedings for any lawyer or legal team. While the personality of any lawyer may be wonderful, never underestimate the value of years of experience, particularly experience in juvenile justice which varies from how regular criminal cases are fought in court. 

Courts can be understanding or can let a fair amount of leniency affect their decisions with regard to minors, if your child is a teenager or generally aged under 21 years, they may be treated essentially the same as an adult. An Orlando criminal defense attorney that has undergone sensitivity training or training on dealing with minors, teenagers, and young adults is better equipped to handle the complexities of a criminal case pertaining to one of the three.

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