Easter activities to do with your children

by Mother Huddle Staff
Easter activities to do with your children

Easter can be a very special time for children, much like Christmas and Halloween, if you use your imagination, you can create an entire world for them to play in.

It can be both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather, and doesn’t necessarily have to be in your own garden.

A classic Easter Egg hunt

Hiding Easter eggs around the house and garden is an old school activity, you can either buy pre decorated ones or your can hollow out chicken eggs so you can decorate them yourself. This is bound to make children laugh and bring other their competitive side.

Make chocolate treats

Making things like chocolate nests, Easter bread and simnel cake. A Simnel cake is traditionally make with a layer of marzipan in the middle and on top along with 11 marzipan balls to represent the apostles.

Making sure you have lots of Easter treats in the house can help to make the event more special. Lots of Easter Eggs and hot cross buns, things you can only buy around Good Friday.

Take the time to travel

If you’ve got some time off work and school then it can be the perfect time to go and see a new city. A lot of museums and public places have special activities and deals on during this time. So it can be the perfect time to get on a train to London and have a look around. There are also lots of West End musicals that the entire family can enjoy.

A lot of towns also have Easter parades that you can attend. This way the whole family can get together and get some fresh air. And if you don’t have a local one you can get together with your neighbours and put one together yourself.

Go to a petting zoo

Easter is the perfect time to go to the zoo, whether it’s a petting zoo or a big one. At a petting zoo you can take the time to feed the baby animals, this is also a good time to teach you children about how to behave around animals.

Decorate the house together

You can embrace the Easter theme, by putting up a garland shaped like Easter eggs. By painting each one a different colour you can have a count down to Easter Sunday. Making fingerprint bunnies using your hand and different coloured paints is also a cute was to make a family keepsake. If you make this a yearly tradition, you can see how much your hands and your children’s hands grow year on year.

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