Easy Resin Crafts To Make At Home

by Mother Huddle Staff
Resin Crafts to make at home

Resin art is a much-loved hobby and very easy to do at home with very few ingredients. Epoxy art resin pieces are incredibly fashionable now for jewelry, art pieces, and even functional items like teacups. A resin craft project can even make for an excellent gift to your loved ones on any occasion. For those who want to get fancier, resin can be used to create special accessories. You just need to know what type of resin to use for jewellery and other elegant, stylish pieces, and you’re set. Epoxy resin that is mixed with hardener and often with color pigments and even sparkles and glitter gives a rock hard finish and is relatively easy to use. All you need to do beforehand is to ensure you have covered your floor and work surface with plastic and are wearing gloves and an apron. As far as possible avoid inhalation of the epoxy resin as well.

Here are some effortless and beautiful resin crafts you can make at home or make with your children on a weekend:-

Easy Painting 

The easiest way to get a high gloss, shiny painting is by using epoxy resin. It can be poured onto canvas (stencils can be used for shapes and making certain objects) and color pigments can be added before being allowed to dry. The result is a glossy wonder quite unique and unlike what you can buy at a store. Guests will definitely ask questions! Make sure you apply careful, even layers and always place something like a plastic lid on top so you don’t get lint or dirt residue as it dries. Some types of resin like UV resin do dry in a few minutes but you can expect the best, flashiest, and most smooth finish with epoxy resin. You should also tie your hair or put it in a hair net. Getting some of your strands into contact with resin while it’s wet can ruin your finished product.

Make A River Lamp

Have you ever wanted to capture a river or stream complete with wonderfully calming rocks? Take a large, wide, and deep glass jar, fill it with clean river rocks and layers of epoxy resin. Try to avoid getting lumps in one place and make it an even distribution of pebbles and other elements like shells or marbles. 

You can really do your own interpretation of what your fantasy river looks like, not to mention you can add in a mossy green or a deep blue for that authentic touch. Finish with a dazzling layer of polycrylic spray which is used as a type of sealant in woodworking projects. Wait for as long as the manufacturer’s instructions say to wait before converting this project into your very own room lamp!

Another river lamp idea you can use is one with a piece of rectangular wood. You can carve the middle to create a river-like indent and pour blue resin into it. You can also make a rectangular wooden box that you can collapse and add all water elements before pouring your resin. Once it dries after several hours, you can remove the wooden mold, polish the resin, then add the LED light at the bottom. Light it up and enjoy the magical results.

Everyone Needs A Coaster

Coasters are a necessity in apartments and houses because who wants to ruin their tabletops? You can stray from the dull and regular coasters and make your own with epoxy resin and incorporate all manner of awe-inspiring elements such as glitter, mica flakes, and even seashells. Furthermore, coasters can be made in a mold but they don’t need to be a perfect or standard size and shape as most resin style coasters sold in stores are deliberately left a bit wonky for an aesthetic touch. 

You can use paper cups to mix the resin and hardener along with the colors of your choice. For a look of flowing waves and one color leaking into another, you will need to add one color at a time to the mixture, laying it out flat before following up with the next color. For better blending, consider using a heat gun. Avoid lumps and air bubbles and in the end, apply a gold or silver outline so that it looks like a coaster. You can use a protective layer on top and at the bottom to give it better durability but epoxy resin is quite sturdy in itself as well. 

You can have a theme for your coasters to match the décor of your kitchen. These touches of coordination make the space look more put-together.

Preserving Memories

There are many resin crafts you can do with family photographs. For the purpose of having the photograph appear as clear as possible use plain transparent resin. You can place a photo inside a jewelry box, apply a preserving layer of resin on top to make a customized version, you can do the same and make a coaster. With smaller Polaroids, you can even make a glamorous and memorable keychain or resin pendant. 

Items Around The House 

What most people don’t realize is how versatile resin-made objects really are. You can make many things around the house with silicone molds and plastic molds and also freestyle, once you’ve gotten into a bit of practice with handling resin and experimenting with adding pigment or elements. Cabinet knobs can be made with epoxy resin, drawer and cupboard handles, napkin rings, ashtrays, bowls, small plates, and even paperweights. 

The level of detail in each object you make will depend on how much practice you get as there is always a chance that the mixture will form a lump or become shapeless. You want to start with simpler designs first and work your way up to more challenging projects. 


Resin crafts are a great way to express your creativity and relieve stress. But before you start mixing and pouring those chemicals, make sure you’re well-protected. Work in a well-ventilated room, wear a pair of chemical-resistant nitrile gloves, cover your eyes with goggles, and don a mask or respirator.

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