Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Organized

by Mother Huddle Staff

So many families struggle with space in their homes. Sometimes, it can feel like modern houses just aren’t built to handle modern family life. While your home may have felt spacious and welcoming before you had kids, things can change fast when a baby comes along. As your family grows, fitting everything in becomes more of an issue. You may find that your once tidy house is now bursting at the seams. So, what can you do about this? While a lack of space can feel like a pretty huge problem, that’s not the end of it. There’s also that unsettling feeling of your home being completely unorganized to deal with, too. 

Many families live in a kind of semi-organized chaos. You sort of manage to get through each day, but it’s not without its battles. There will be the everyday issue of trying to find lost gym kits every morning. Plus, stepping over clutter to get to where you need to be. Combining these can make your home feel super stressful very quickly. Family life can be enough of a challenge without adding an extra dose of chaos to the mix. Being unable to find what you need and stepping over clutter makes every day so much harder than it ever really needs to be. Running a home and taking care of the kids is tough enough. So, finding ways to reduce this stress and make changes to your home is an excellent idea. Check out these easy ways to make your home feel more organized:

Declutter the Stress-Free Way

Decluttering is a word that fills a whole lot of people with dread. It’s that kind of creeping dread that sees you stood trapped in the middle of a room with stuff piled around you. The feeling you’re trapped and wishing you’d never even started this crazy decluttering idea. First up, don’t panic. Decluttering doesn’t need to be a living nightmare. First, commit to doing one room at a time. Next, break it down further than this. What part of that room annoys you the most? Is it the pile of toys on the floor? Or, the clothes your kids have flung on the chair instead of hung in the closet? Start real small and tackle these issues first. You’ll notice improvements immediately and get an instant sense of achievement. 

Keep working your magic like this around the room, and you’ll soon have it looking neater. Make sure you clear out the stuff you no longer need. Do this fast. This kind of unwanted clutter can get left in limbo and never end up leaving the house. So, once you decide which items you’re getting rid of, donate or sell them right away.

There’s definitely a feeling of liberation you get when you take charge of clutter. So it’ll all be worth the effort.

Make Clever Changes to Your Storage

When your family grows, storage becomes your new best friend. Family life and storage need to go hand-in-hand. This marriage made in heaven is essential to prevent a whole lot more chaos. Keeping your house organized and tidy makes storage a necessity. Unfortunately, there’s so many houses out there that weren’t built to accommodate this. So you’re probably going to need to figure out your own storage. 

The right storage can make a world of difference to your home. It’ll be so much easier to keep everything tidy and find what you need. So, what types of storage should you choose? There’s a whole host of different storage solutions available to choose from. If you want to truly make the most of your space, you could extend your storage options without compromising your floor space. Using Custom Shelving is a perfect way to do this. You’ll then have the flexibility to design shelving that completely matches your space. You can make it the ideal size to suit your belongings. Maybe you want a bookshelf the kids can reach easily. Or, perhaps you want to free up cupboard space by storing your cookware on shelves in the kitchen. Using wall space that’s otherwise wasted is an excellent way to make more storage space.

Adding an In-Drawer outlet is a clutter-free solution that provides safe, hidden charging points within your drawers, perfect for the kitchen, study, or bedroom. It eliminates cable tangles and removes the need for multiple wall chargers. This well-organized, practical solution aligns with the objective of a tidy home and smoother family life, not to mention it removes potential hazards associated with exposed power outlets; especially crucial if you have young children.

As well as using shelving to create more storage, there are further tricks you can try. Using multitasking furniture items is another useful hack. When shopping for furniture, choose items with a dual purpose. This includes beds with drawers, coffee tables with storage underneath, and even bean bags that can be filled with stuffed toys. Looking for these easy extra ways to add more storage to your space without taking up more room is a genius solution to make your home more organized.

Get the Kids Involved

Get the Kids Involved

Getting the family home organized is never a one-person task. You’ll need everyone to put in the effort to make it happen. This is going to require everyone in the house to play a part. Otherwise, your house will be back to looking messy and chaotic in no time. Make it easy for the kids to play a part in keeping the place tidy. Having storage that is labeled and easy for them to use is a major help. You may also benefit from getting them to help out with age-appropriate chores to earn pocket money or rewards. Making everyone see that they’re responsible for helping out is a great idea. When your family sees it’s not just your job to keep the home organized, they’re more likely to get involved.

You’ll soon notice a massive difference to family life when you make a few changes to get it organized. Sticking with the changes and committing to keeping the home tidy is an excellent way to beat the chaos and enjoy a calmer family life. All you need to do is to get the house organized in a way that matches your lifestyle. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be well on your way to a calmer home life. You then just need to be sure to keep it that way! 

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