The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Home Safety with Impact Windows

by Mother Huddle Staff
The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Home Safety with Impact Windows

Your home is your sanctuary, providing shelter from the outside world. However, investing in impact windows can enhance safety by protecting against wind and flying debris during a severe storm. 

Also known as hurricane windows, these fixtures have reinforced frames and glass that won’t shatter in heavy winds, making them a game-changer for homeowners like you, especially if you live in hurricane-prone areas like Florida. 

Learn the benefits of impact windows below.

Protect Your Property

Impact windows are stronger and more durable than regular glass windows, making them invaluable in hurricanes, storms, and other adverse weather events. These products prevent glass from shattering, meaning winds and debris won’t enter your property and cause harm to you and your family.

So, how do impact windows work? They contain an inner and outer layer of tempered impact-resistant glass that remains intact even in extreme weather conditions. That protects your home during hurricane season and other times of the year. Impact windows are also safer than traditional options in a fire. 

When a window breaks in a bad storm, it causes pressure to build inside your home, increasing the chances of your roof blowing off. Therefore, replacing your windows with impact windows could be one of the best investments you make this year and ensure your home remains a safe place. 

To further increase safety during a hurricane or severe storm, choose an impact window provider that uses marine-grade sealants, the highest-quality screws, and wood buck frames. These products ensure your impact windows fit securely, remain in place, and last for years to come. 

Increase Energy Efficiency 

Impact windows often contain insulated glass, preventing heat from escaping your property. As a result, you can keep your heating system at a lower temperature, saving you money on your energy bills. You can protect yourself from future energy price increases by reducing power consumption. In the summer, impact windows can stop hot air from entering your home, helping you maintain a cool temperature. 

Because of their energy-efficient properties, impact windows let you do your bit for the environment. Your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard, improving their shelve lives and sustainability. 

Impact windows also protect your property from UV rays, which can cause your furniture to discolor over time. Plus, you can prevent UV rays from overheating your home. 

Prevent Break-Ins

A home burglary happens every 15 seconds in the United States. While doors are more desirable entry points than windows, the latter are still vulnerable because glass is the weakest part of your home. One of the best ways to avoid an intrusion is to invest in impact windows, which are far more difficult to break than conventional windows. That’s because the glass used in these products can resist significant force, even from persistent criminals.

Although impact windows require an investment, they provide peace of mind, which is priceless. Even if a burglar cracks the glass, they will unlikely be able to enter your property, ensuring your family’s safety. 

Reduce Noise

Research reveals that 90% of outdoor noise penetrating a home comes from windows, not doors. So investing in impact windows, which have thick laminated glass and strong frames, can result in a much quieter environment in your property. You’ll be able to reduce noise from neighbors, passing cars, and even lawnmowers and pets! 

Preventing noise from entering your property provides multiple benefits. For example, you can get a better night’s sleep when impact windows reduce the impact of outdoor sounds. You can also ensure your home remains a sanctuary from the world!

Improve Aesthetics

Impact windows come in a wide range of designs, and you can customize frame colors and materials to suit your personal style. You can choose transparent glass that allows natural light to flood your property or frosted glass that provides privacy from the outside world. 

The right impact windows significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal and can make your property look more modern and expensive. That will impress your neighbors and ensure your property stands out on your street. 

Increase Home Value

Because of their safety, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and aesthetic qualities, impact windows could boost the value of your home by several thousand dollars. That’s a similar increase to other home improvements, such as a new kitchen model or installing hardwood floors in your property. Even though they cost more than regular windows, impact windows might provide a significant return on your investment and help you sell your house more quickly. 

Many homeowners in hurricane-prone areas look for homes with impact windows and are willing to pay a high price for the privilege of living in one of these properties. Impact windows can also be attractive for tenants if you choose to rent your house in the future. 

Impact Windows Require Little Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about moisture build-up with impact windows as you do with cheaper options. These fixtures are easy to maintain and only require a little cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and pollen. 

Keep your impact windows clean with:

  • Microfiber towels
  • A low-pressure hose
  • A squeegee for excess water
  • Non-abrasive glass cleaner

Key Takeaways

Your home is your safe space, protecting you from everything outside it. Impact windows can make your property even more secure by safeguarding you and your family from wind and debris during a hurricane or severe storm. These windows can also increase energy efficiency, prevent break-ins, reduce noise, enhance your property’s value, and improve your home’s aesthetics. They also require little maintenance, making them a fantastic choice if you live a busy lifestyle. 

Learn more about the benefits of impact windows, how to choose the right product for your home, and more in this useful guide from Alco Windows and Doors — Florida’s leading provider of impact windows and doors. With more than 300 five-star reviews from satisfied customers, Alco provides exceptional product quality, outstanding customer service, and a superior installation experience.

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