Essential Family Healthcare Tips For The Summer

by Mother Huddle Staff
Essential Family Healthcare Tips For The Summer

The summer is finally here. After months of horrible weather and short, dark days, we can finally relax in the sunshine. It is time for the whole family to head outside and to spend some quality time together enjoying ourselves. We have all been through so much in the last couple of years that we all deserve to have a proper break this summer. However, any parent knows that you never really get a break from worrying about your family’s health. Whether it’s the little ones coming back inside from playing football with a skinned knee, or your partner suddenly coming down with a brutal summer cold, there is always something that you need to be looking out for.

With that in mind, we have put together a guide of helpful healthcare tips to ensure that your family stays happy and healthy this summer. Whether you are heading abroad on holiday or looking forward to spending long sunny days in the garden, here are the main things that you need to remember.

Cover Up In The Sun

Let’s start with something that every parent worries about as soon as the sun comes out. You need to be making sure that your kids are covering up or using plenty of sun cream that offers enough protection if they are going to be spending time outdoors. There are serious health issues that can result from too much exposure to harsh sunlight that go beyond a simple sunburn.

So, even though it might seem like you are being a killjoy, you do need to impress the importance of this on your children. What’s more, you also need to make sure that you and your partner are leading by example. Skin cancer is no joke and the steps that we can take to reduce risk are so easy to take. That means wearing a hat while you are outside, taking regular breaks from the direct sunlight, and that all-important sunscreen. Speaking of skin issues, this brings us to our next point.

Learn More About Skin Issues

As a parent, you know that you are never going to be short on issues that your child presents you with. More often than not, it will be a splinter or a bump on the elbow after falling over. However, you are also going to have to deal with the occasional issue that will require a trip to the doctor, or a visit to the pharmacy to pick up some cream or other treatment.

During the summer months, you are going to see a lot of different skin issues. We have covered sunburn, but you also need to know what you are looking at if your child, your partner, or you, suddenly develop a rash. It is very easy to panic when you are looking at a skin irritation or change that you do not recognize, which is why learning more about this issue can be a big help. If you want to learn more about skin rashes, then visit Patient Info. Patient Info has an incredible range of articles and resources from medical professionals to help you learn more about a wide range of health issues, and they can help you know when it is an issue that you can handle yourself, and when you need to visit the doctor.

Get The Family Outdoors

This point may seem a little funny coming after a serious warning about the effects of too much exposure to the sun, but one of the most important things that you can do for your family’s health this summer is to make sure that you are all spending plenty of time outside. Now, we know that some kids are raring to go when it comes to the great outdoors. They can’t wait to get their trainers on, get on their bikes or kick a football around.

However, we also know that there are lots of kids out there (especially teenagers) who can be a little harder to convince. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a bit of time on the sofa watching telly or catching up on sleep with some epic lie-ins, but if they are spending all of their time indoors, then they could start to see some negative impacts to their health. Outdoor time and exercise are so important to physical and mental health. At a time when we are all learning a lot about the impact of the last couple of years of the mental health of our kids, this is going to be really important. Think of family activities that you can do together, and talk to your children about what kind of destinations they would be interested in. Remember that if you have to drag them somewhere, then they are probably not going to thank you for it!

Make Some Fresh Diet Plans

Summer is the time of year when all of us make more of an effort to slow down on the comfort eating and try to shed a few pounds. One of the things that makes this easier is that it is much easier to find fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season. We know that some kids will do almost anything to avoid eating their greens, so do not be afraid to try out some different recipes. Given that we are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint, shopping for local produce is a great idea and could also help to get your children invested in the importance of this kind of diet. Find out if you have a farmer’s market near you, or shops that specialize in local produce.

Eating more healthily is also very important for the adults, too. We all need to be looking at our cholesterol intake and keeping a careful eye on our heart health. This is another area where you can lead by example! It is also a great time of year to look at replacing some of the less heart-healthy items in your diet. If your family eats a lot of red or processed meat, why not try some veggie options this summer? You could also try more lean proteins and mineral-rich fish.

Get Everyone Drinking Plenty Of Water

We know that getting your family to drink enough water is a year-round struggle, but it is particularly important during the summer.  We have already seen some soaring temperatures here in the UK through the spring, and we should expect some extremely hot days this summer. We should be aiming to drink between six and eight glasses of water every day. Some studies state that we should be drinking two litres a day, while others say that 1.6 is all you need. However, we all know ourselves well enough to guess that whatever we are currently drinking, it is not really enough.

Getting enough water is so important for our health, and it can cut down on headaches, it may improve your mood, and it may help with exercise. This dependable dentist in Oakland also adds that it’s beneficial to your teeth as it neutralizes the acid in your mouth. While there are some drinks that offer something close to the hydration you get from water (low-fat milk, for instance), you need to remember that things like coffee, energy drinks and fizzy drinks will not hydrate you.

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