The Guide To Finding The Perfect Sewing Machines For Beginners

by Mother Huddle Staff
Finding The Perfect Sewing Machines For Beginners

Sewing can be a great hobby and an even better profession. You can do it in your free time or full-time as you want. As a beginner, purchasing your first sewing machine isn’t as easy as it seems. There are a lot of factors that you need to take into account while finalizing the one.

Considering that finding the perfect sewing machines for beginners is a task that needs little expertise, we are here to help make this much easier for you.

Size of the sewing machine

The size of a sewing machine is the first thing you must consider as a beginner. If you are serious about taking sewing as a profession or even as a hobby, you need to go for a full-size sewing machine. It may seem too much for a beginner, but it is better to learn with full size than starting with miniature and moving upwards. Also, getting trained with a full size gives you more edge.

A full-size sewing machine will have more features, whereas a miniature one will limit you in many ways. In the long run, the full-size one will give you more freedom to stitch the way you want.

Type of operation

When you’re looking for a sewing machine as a beginner, you will come across two types of sewing machines, one with the pedal and the other one with the switch, hands-free. The pedal one will require more effort, expertise, and precise hand and foot coordination, whereas the one with the switch will be much easier and effortless to use.

Both do their job perfectly, and either can be considered a good option. It is just up to you which option you find better for you.

Size of the extension table

This one may not seem that important, but it is crucial when it comes to stitching when you’re working on a large piece of fabric. It means increasing the size of your working area, and it will be a massive help in the long run. So, consider the extension table size while looking for your first sewing machine.

Initially, it may feel unnecessary, but once you’re trained to be a professional, this additional feature will come in handy.

Is the needle threader automatic?

This feature is generally found in mid-level and high-end sewing machines. We’re all too aware that threading a needle can be challenging and requires precision and focus. With an automatic needle threader, one can easily do this job.

The needle in this sort of machine has a hook that puts the thread in the needle more easily. Thus, saving you time and a lot of effort. It makes the entire process more accessible and more efficient.

Warranty of the sewing machine

This one is basic when buying not just a sewing machine but anything. Warranty of any product is a must thing to consider. A sewing machine is a long-time investment; therefore, you need to consider its warranty. You don’t want to end up with a broken machine within a few days of its purchase and then end up paying out of pocket for it to fix.

In addition to the warranty, you must consider the after-sale service and the sewing machine brand. Good after-sales support means you don’t depend on a third party for regular servicing.

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Now you’re all ready to purchase your very first sewing machine. With so many great sewing machines for beginners, you need to find the right one. Follow the above steps, and in no time, you will have the perfect one.














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