Helping Financial During Disasters

by Mother Huddle Staff
Helping Financial During Disasters

Disasters like earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis and flooding don’t discriminate or follow the boundaries of borders. They simply happen where they do, reminding us every time that Mother Nature is a powerful thing, no matter how modern humanity is able to become. And, when a disaster happens, people all over try to help, whether through charities or direct links to family and friends in danger and needing assistance. For years, fast financial assistance has happened through money transfers. Originally through telegram orders, then wire transfers, and today via digital money movement. However, the dynamics are the same; consumers need a trusted service provider to know for sure the money they send as help arrives where it needs to be correct.

Dire Help Needs Also Brings Out Bad Company

While disasters bring out the best in people trying to help, these events also bring out some of the worst in opportunistic criminals and scammers. Repeatedly, especially with the Internet now, there are various attempts by the hundreds with characters portraying themselves to be safe channels to get money to disaster victims and affected family. When they end up stealing the money intended for help, they double the negative impact of a disaster.

Government Boundaries Can’t Be Ignored With Money

An additional challenge tends to be global politics. Depending on where a consumer is located, that home country may not allow money transfers to a destination location in a country it does not cooperate with. This can create pressure to find alternative, less safe methods of money transfer with a higher risk of theft or loss, such as cryptocurrencies. While effective, there are no safety nets for many of these tools, and once the money is gone it is almost always impossible to retrieve it.

Fortunately, most major government agencies today tend to be responsive to disaster needs and make exceptions. For example, the U.S. in the last few days has opened up a six-month exception for disaster assistance and financial transfer to disaster aid in Syria. The country has been just as badly impacted by the recent earthquake in February 2023 as Turkey, and many family members and friends have connections in Syria as well as Turkey that now desperately need help for basic living needs and shelter. In these instances, it’s even more important than ever to work with a trusted money transfer provider who is already approved and licensed to operate between countries, like Ria Money Transfer and others.

Without the help of official money transfer services, it can be problematic, even impossible, to get money to those who need it when political circumstances otherwise block most independent efforts. However, utilizing a trusted provider uses a channel that governments already know and regulate, it provides the specific documentation needed to provide the disaster assistance intent for the exemption allowed, and it moves financial help quickly with a safe digital tool. It’s a win-win choice for all involved.

Most Experts Recommend Money vs Goods During Disasters

Remember, from an expert’s perspective, one of the fastest ways to move help around the world is to do it with financial assets versus sending goods, clothing, food or tools. Most of those things, despite there being a disaster, are still available locally. What disaster victims need most in times of emergencies is cash liquidity. However, with the influx of help, there is also the chance of theft and fraud. So, helping family or friends using smart tools matters tremendously in critical times.

While they might seem a bit old-fashioned, trusted money transfer providers like Ria Money Transfer have repeatedly proven their ability to help when it’s needed most. Licensed, respected and consistently safe, these international providers make a difference in disasters worldwide. And with the most recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria, they are ready to help again.

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