How to Develop a Skincare Regime

by Mother Huddle Staff

We’ve come a long way since washing our faces with soap and water as children. In fact, we used to have to be forced to lather up a flannel and give our faces a reluctant scrub, under the threat of having the next day’s pudding cancelled. Jump forwards in time by a good few decades, however, and staying clean and looking presentable is not exactly something we have to be coerced into doing as it is something we actively choose to spend our spare time and money on, trying to figure out how to do it better. The only problem is that in our seemingly never-ending search for skincare products that will transform us overnight into classic Hollywood icons, we can tend to overdo it slightly, confusing ourselves with varied results and even clogging our pores with too much face touching.

Remember, always apply your skincare products in order of smallest/thinnest amount of product to largest/thickest amount of product (see for a range aimed at scalp care). If you’re applying thick moisturizer creams and later adding thinner serums, you’re doing things in reverse order and you won’t see the benefit because your skin will be too saturated to react to further products. So, with that in mind, let’s go through the order for those who need a reminder.

First apply the cleanser

Build-ups of natural oils, excess dead skin, dirt, and old lingering powdery deposits of makeup. It all needs to be removed before anything else can happen. Why? Because at around half a millimetre to not much more than one millimetre in some areas of your face, skin is alarmingly thin (and it only gets thinner with age), meaning that if you want it to absorb products, you need to make room for those products (you can’t fill an already full glass!).

When it comes to choosing a skin cleanser, there are a lot of options out there. But with so many choices, how can you know which one is right for your skin? If you’re looking for an organic option that won’t irritate your skin, you can opt for goat milk or aloe vera because both are known to be gentle on the skin. These ingredients work together to cleanse your skin without causing irritation. Plus, goat milk soap is also known for its ability to fight acne and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Aloe vera soap, in its turn, is known to reduce skin irritation. So if you’re looking for an organic option that can help improve your skin’s health, goat milk or aloe vera can be a great choice.

Next, add toner for balance

Toners are often overlooked. Which is a shame because they are the skincare equivalent of going over a mopped floor with a rubber squeegee. The choice is yours. But, remembering how thin skin can be on the face, it just seems that giving yourself the most unblocked and clear skin to work with seems a no-brainer.

Finally, apply a gentle scent-free daily moisturizer

We know this description sounds boring. But if you want your skin to be as clear as possible, you need to follow the recipe for unabridged clarity – strip away all the fuss.

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