How to Grow Your Brand Online

by Mother Huddle Staff
Growing your craft business online

Every business needs to establish an online presence whether it is through social media, through their company website or an associated blog, in the age of the internet businesses will not survive unless they engage with the online community. Here are some of our top tips for how you can grow your brand online.

Utilise visual media

Successfully using video marketing tools can help you to create promotional videos and provide consumers with the unique experience necessary to help you stand out from your competitors. It has been shown to boost social media interaction, drive traffic to your website and improve the overall user experience more so than other more traditional marketing methods. Utilising video marketing is a cost-effective way to build trust with your audience and shed light on your brand and products. 

Starting with your video marketing journey can seem daunting at first, but you could start out with a small investment such as getting a decent light, and microphone and using your smartphone at first. Plus, a video creator can really make your video creation process simple.

Take Advantage of Trending

Get into the habit of researching trends and events that can potentially coincide with your industry; new technology, new movies or thriving brands. By fitting your skill or product into popular trends you can massively grow your audience and it will help you to gain a deeper insight into the mind of the consumer.  You do not have to convert everyone who stumbles across your brand but the more people you attract the more chance that some of them will start to actively engage with you and your content.


Consistency is key – if you make a promise to your audience then you have to keep it, if you offer something then you have to deliver! This also means that you need to think realistically about what you can achieve and do not stretch yourself too thin. You cannot guarantee that you will never make a mistake, but you should do your best to limit them as much as possible. There is too much competition out there and inconsistency or broken promises is going to drive customers elsewhere. Set a standard for your brand and maintain it (or raise it).

Sell Yourself

With the use of social media, you can put a personal touch on your brand. You can give your brand a human face and a backstory and a life that consumers can relate to. By connecting with your customers on a personal level you can help grow brand loyalty as well as generating positive word of mouth amongst your target audience. Social media also provides consumers with a direct line to communicate with you via comments or messages – make sure you respond and engage with them. Do not be afraid to let your personality show through, your website can be for all the boring professionalism and social media is a place where you can have a bit more fun. People will appreciate genuineness.

Quality over Quantity

Do not stretch yourself beyond your capabilities and end up sacrificing quality. If you are finding it too much to maintain social media profiles, a blog and a podcast then do not be afraid to get rid of one of these channels. Commit your time and energy to creating only quality content instead of spreading yourself across multiple channels and publishing mediocre material.

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