How to Help Your Kids Express Themselves with Art

by Mother Huddle Staff

Encouraging your child to express their creativity is one of the best things you can do for them. Here at OOLY we know the positive effect that art can have on a developing child and have made it a goal to spread the joys of art. If you have a child who has shown an interest in art, here are the best ways to encourage that interest and foster their development.

Keep it Fun

While your child may one day find that art is their primary passion and pursue it at an advanced level, for young children it should all be about enjoying themselves. Not only will this make their days more fun, it actually makes it more likely your child will stick with art and develop their skills in the years to come.

Make Art Together

Getting artistic is an excellent activity to do with your child. Not only can it help with their development, but it’s also an outstanding bonding opportunity to build a stronger, loving relationship.

Get Online

If you’re struggling for ideas of what to do with your child, the good news is there is a near-limitless supply of resources online now. From simple written guides and prompts to YouTube videos by artists who offer create-along experiences where they guide your child through creating an artistic piece step by step, there is no shortage of help available. You may even be able to find videos by the creators of some of your children’s favorite cartoons or children’s books to maximize their enjoyment!

Mix It Up

One of the most fun ways to make art time more enjoyable for your child is to allow them to work with a wide variety of different mediums. When your child is finger painting one day, playing with clay the next, and coloring on a third, every day is new and fresh. This helps to keep them engaged and helps to prevent boredom from setting in. The more they experiment with, the more time they spend flexing and developing their creative muscles.

Start with the Right Products

When you find a medium that your child enjoys working with, make sure that you stock up on options for them to explore. If your child really loves painting, for example, then get them a few different styles of paints. Pick up paint sticks they can experiment with today and watercolors for tomorrow. Just as trying different mediums will encourage your child to experiment, providing different options within a medium allows for increased creative expression.

Always Encourage Them

The biggest thing to keep in mind when your child shows an interest in art is to always be a positive influence on their experience. While progressing and improving their skills is great, you can always be positive when a young child is beginning to explore art. If you put too much pressure on them to make “good” art you will squash that spark that got them interested in the first place.

Playing with art is one of the best recreational activities a child can take up. It’s fun while also helping to teach creativity, and it encourages self-expression. By keeping these tips in mind you can help keep your child’s art time both fun and functional!

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