How to Host a Good Neighborhood Block Party

by Mother Huddle Staff
Throw a good block party

The best neighborhood block party is a celebration that allows everyone to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how much work can go into creating an awesome party or planning how to get everyone in.  

If you’re trying to set yourself up for success: these are the most important things to consider.

Treat It Potluck Style

Depending on how many people you think are going to attend, there will be a need for a lot of food.  This responsibility shouldn’t be on any one person’s shoulders, since there needs to be a large selection.  Ask for everyone to bring a dish, a dessert, or a drink.  You can create a signup sheet that everyone can fill out online and ensure that people remember what they sign up for.  Ahead of this, ask if anyone in the neighborhood has a food allergy to plan dishes around this. 

Find Fun Live Entertainment

Live entertainment can boost a block party from something simple into something amazing.  The best entertainment for this type of party is hiring two or three different musical guests that can go one after another.  This ensures that no one kind of music takes up the whole party and that you can have an assortment ranging from a live band to a cool DJ. So ask around to find out what type of music everyone enjoys and find talent to fill that role.

Ensure Everyone Is Invited

The last thing you’d want to do is leave someone out. Instead, try to ensure that everyone in the neighborhood is invited and made clear that they’re wanted there.  Although you can get away with simply sending out a mass email, you should check the list of names before you send it out.  Leaving someone uninvited could hurt their feelings or cause issues within the neighborhood.

Pay Attention to Which Neighbors Don’t Get Along.

Not every neighbor who takes up one of the houses for rent in Columbus, GA, is going to get along with everyone else.  When you’re planning the party, figure out who doesn’t get along and try to prepare for them to help in different ways if they want to help.  If someone says they can bring drinks, if someone doesn’t get along with them, don’t make that other person also do drinks.  This should be a fun night without rivalry or arguing. Try to make that happen for everyone.

Host In A Cul De Sac

Although you can ensure there are marked detours, you should still try to throw this in a cul de sac instead of an open street.  The cul de sac will protect partygoers from passing cars and give you a fun place where you can take your time setting up.  It’s important to plan and make sure that those who live in the cul de sac are attending and are okay with their area getting blocked off like this.  Nobody wants to have to pause their party so they can let a car out of a driveway!  

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